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On a High: First Marijuana Vending Machine is Rolled Out

Marijuana Vending Machine


Is there anything you can not get from a vending machine these days? The first marijuana vending machine–at least, in Colorado–was recently rolled out on the patio of Montana’s Smokehouse in Avon. It’s different from other pot-dispensing vending machines in the sense that it’s accessible by anyone. For example, marijuana vending machines already exist in California, but they’re often located behind counters so you wouldn’t be able to dispense it yourself.

However, even though access to the machine isn’t limited, access to marijuana is. Only those who are medical marijuana cardholders will be able to dispense the goods, since the machine is equipped with a scanner that verifies the person’s ID first before dispensing anything.

Stephen Shearin, who is the COO of Tranzbyte, explains that he believes the machine will be a lot of help for folks who might feel shy having to buy marijuana, even though they’re doing so legally.

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Brazilian Artist Uses Pot to Create Smokin’ Art

Pot Artist

It’s strange, but true. This has got to be the first time that I’ve heard ‘art’ as the reason for why someone would smoke pot, but as they say, there’s always a first for everything.

Brazilian artist Fernando de la Rocque creates surreal-looking pieces of art by taking deep drags out of a joint and then blowing the smoke onto his stencil-covered canvas. It takes a while, but after a couple of puffs, a light brown outline starts to appear. Rocque keeps at it until the image is complete and adequately ‘colored.’ I’m not sure how he’s managing to pull this off, since smoking marijuana is illegal in Brazil.

Regardless, a lot of people happen to like Rocque’s doped-out art as each of the pot-smoke prints sell at about $2,500 each. A couple of Rocque’s work is currently on display at an alternative gallery down in Rio’s Ipanema neighborhood, so drop by and take a whiff take a look at his work if you happen to be in the area.

Hit the jump to check out a couple more of Rocque’s art.

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Turtle Hunts Down And Catches Criminal, Eventually.

By Jonathan Kimak

This is part interesting and part adorable. A GPS-fitted box turtle helped uncover a marijuana grow-op in Rock Creek Park, south of Maryland. The turtle was wearing the GPS device for a research project run by park rangers. It’s not sure what sort of research the turtle was performing but my guess is it has something to do with fighting evil ninjas.

The turtle stumbled upon an area filled with marijuana plants. When a park ranger followed the GPS signal to retrieve the hero turtle they found the stash and also determined the culprit was a 19 year-old named Isiah Johnson of Chevy Chase, Maryland. Isiah will be charged and the unamed drug sniffing turtle will go back to the sewers, I mean ranger outpost, to fight crime another day.

[ WUSA9 ] VIA [ Tech Digest ]