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Spotify Will Soon Start Selling Makeup

It seems like Spotify is trying to make a little extra dough on the side, as they’re expanding their platform to offer a makeup selection that will be offered on artist Maggie Lindemann’s Spotify page.

Now, Spotify has been allowing artists to connect with their service called Merchbar in order to sell things like posters and band tees, but this is the first time Spotify has allowed an artist to expand beyond that.

What’s next? Is Lady Gaga going to start selling cuts of beef from her dresses, or maybe Taylor Swift is going to sell the posters of Kanye that she been using as dart boards? These are slippery slopes, my friends.

The collection will be available from November 17th, and prices will range from ~$21 for lipsticks to ~$125 for full face palettes.

TheVerge ]

Always Wanted Freckles? This Kit Can Help


For some, freckles are awesome apparently. You can now get your own super realistic freckles using this kit that comes with 72 stencils and a roller-ball formula applicator. You simply press the stencil on your cheeks, roll over them with the formula and you’ll have semi-permanent freckles for a couple of days. Apply every two days and you’ll be speckled with a pattern of fading and new freckles that will look exactly like the real thing. A kit will last between 4 to 6 weeks, and will cost you a pledge of $36.


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This Lip Gloss Can Easily Be Used In The Dark


Compact mirrors have been a staple of women’s makeup arsenal forever. But they may be on the way out thanks to smartphones, and now products like the Kelly Teegarden Organics lip gloss. Each tube has a strong LED in the cap, and a mirror on the side of the body, making it easy to apply in total darkness. The lip gloss itself is made from all-natural ingredients, which might be a selling point for some. But we’re just impressed with its lip-lighting abilities. It’s a cheap and simple addition to an established product that is sure to come in handy on your ext night out on the town. There are 15 colors, and each one is $20.


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Time for Crazy Eyes: Nicolas Cage Eyeshadow Actually Exists

Nicolas Cage Eyeshadow

When Nicolas Cage does his crazy eyes, you’d be hard-pressed to look away. Not only because his eyes are strangely mesmerizing, but also because he looks strangely funny and creepy and downright crazy at the same time.

These pots of Nicolas Cage eyeshadow won’t teach you the art (or is it the curse?) of crazy eyes, but you can use it to create a bunch of eye looks that may or may not look crazy. They’re being sold by Shiro Cosmetics, who are probably taking advantage of the popularity or notoriety of Nic Cage.

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High-Tech Beauty: Activate Gadgets With a Wink and a Smile

Conducive Makeup

How you control your devices might soon change, thanks in part to these developments by computer scientist Katia Vega. Instead of actually manipulating your device or using a remote control, Vega envisions that people–specifically those who wear makeup–will be able to unlock or activate their devices by moving a certain part of their face. Not just any part, but parts where specialized makeup has been applied.

Apparently, Vega was able to come up with a method to integrate sensors and conductive elements to makeup. For example, when eyeshadow is applied to both the top and bottom of the person’s eye where metalized lashes have also been affixed, then a longer-than-usual blink will allow the sensors in the eyeshadow and lashes to connect, completing the circuit.

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No Need For Photoshop: Awesome Monochrome 1920s Costumes

Monochrome 1920s costumes1

Forget zombies and slutty nurse costumes–this should be your inspiration for your next costume party. Redditor royally_eft and her friend were off to a party, and they decided to change things up by arriving as a couple from a different era: the twenties, to be specific.

I’m sure it took a lot of work and makeup to get their skin to that particular hue. The images might look Photoshopped, but they aren’t, which makes these costumes all the more impressive.

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This Is What Barbie Looks Like Without Makeup

Barbie No MakeUp

For years, people have frowned upon the all-too-perfect looks and body shape of Barbie because it encourages kids to be superficial and overly-conscious about their looks, which makes them lose sight of the bigger picture. The big picture being that it doesn’t matter what a person looks like, as long as he or she has got a good heart and a compassionate spirit.

Every Barbie doll that leaves the manufacturing line looks perfectly made-up with bright lipstick and dark eyeliner accentuating her pretty doll features. Artist Eddi Aguirre, however, had different ideas. He stripped Barbie off her makeup and came up with the image that you see above. You can check out a close-up of Barbie sans the heavy makeup after the break.

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Augmented Reality Cosmetic Mirror

digital-cosmetic-mirror By Gaurav Kheterpal

The Beauty and Cosmetics Industry is going through a serious transformation and Shiseido is amongst the leading companies driving this change to make you look better. Shiseido has just launched a Digital Cosmetic Mirror which allows you to test your make-up without even having to pick up a Mascara brush. The in-built camera in Digital Cosmetic Mirror scans your face and gives you tailored recommendations. Choose your make-up options from the list of recommendations and see the results they’ll have on the screen.

Virtual Make up is easy and more importantly, it’s quick!

[ Shiseido ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]

Cargo Introduces Blu-Ray Makeup – Yeah, Like For The Face


By David Ponce

High definition televisions are great. What’s not so great is the jolly bunch of celebrities who hurriedly started caking on makeup once they realized the new technology allowed their so-called fans to notice their skin imperfections. Here’s a newsflash Joan Rivers: we can see caked up makeup too! You understand of course that whenever there’s a need, a company will pop up to fill it. In this case a company called Cargo has started selling a line of makeup products called “Blu-Ray High Definition Makeup” that allegedly makes someone look “radiant and flawless” (read, not so damn old or pimply) while still looking natural. The products are made from “special pigments and high-tech ingredients”, which doesn’t tell us a whole lot or inspire much confidence. Then again, half of the products on the shelves nowadays find buyers on the strength of the marketing efforts alone. For what it’s worth, prices here seem just about in line with regular makeup products (or so a female friend tells me).

[ Product Page ] VIA [BoingBoing Gadgets ]