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Check Out These ‘Magic: The Gathering’-Inspired Business Cards

The Gathering Business Card

There are geeks, there are realtors– and then there are geeky realtors like Donna who represent the best of both worlds. It takes more than just determination and persistence to make a sale these days, so she decided to win over clients and potential buyers by becoming a legendary creature in her own right.

Instead of handing out plain old boring business cards, she customized a set inspired by Magic: The Gathering to make players and non-MTG players pay attention.

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Pyro Wristwatch Shoots Fireballs, Is Awesome


You’re looking at a James Bond-style wrist-worn device that shoots fireballs. It’s meant to be used by magicians and illusionists, but let’s face it, we’re all going to want one. It works by spitting out “heated wads of flash paper (aka nitrocellulose), that launch up to 10-feet from the barrels when ignited.” The device packs 4 such shots, and each one can be activated remotely with the squeeze of a remote controller. It’s a high quality device that comes with a 60 replacement warranty. It’s $174 and is cool enough for illusionists of all levels, as well as anyone who loves the idea of shooting fire from their hands. Just don’t do anything stupid with it, please.

Sold out at the moment, but should ship by December 17th.


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CSI’s Stupid “Enhance” Feature For Photos Now A Possibility

How many times have you face palmed while watching a show like CSI because of technicians magically “enhancing” an image, somehow finding digital information where there clearly isn’t any? Well it turns out that if software designed by one Vladimir Yuzhikov works as advertised, we might have been wrong to laugh. It’s called SmartDeblur and it uses some pretty advanced mathematical algorithms to try and minimize blur that comes from three sources: shots that are out of focus, shots that were taken while moving and something called gaussian blur, which Wikipedia assures us is different than the other two. But as they say, the proof is in the pudding and the image you see above was restored using this very application. Color us impressed.

Matter of fact, it gets better. Not only are there quite a few more such shots for you to look at after the break, there’s also a link to download Vladimir’s software! Yes, it’s free and as long as you have a PC, you can go ahead and try and save all those shots that you thought were ruined forever. It won’t produce images that are as sharp as a proper picture, but hey, this is some cool tech right here. Also after the jump, a link to a detailed explanation of what’s actually going on here. Math-phobes might want to abstain.

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