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Let’s Get That Cream Outta There!: Physicist Builds Machine that De-Creams Oreos

Oreo Creme Remove Machine

What are Oreos without their delightfully sweet cream fillings? Not very good, that’s for sure. It’s like taking the fatty strips out of bacon, or serving toast without butter. It just isn’t as good as it’s supposed to be.

However, physicist, artist, and copywriter David Neevel disagrees–at least on the part about Oreo and the cream, because he’s built an Oreo Separator Machine (OSM) that’ll take the cream out of every cookie sandwich within its de-creaming midst. Neevel doesn’t have anything against the cream, however, because he built his machine as part of Nabisco’s Cookie vs. Cream campaign.

Hit the break to watch his OSM in action!

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World’s Most Useless Machine, Now More Advanced

About three years ago, the world’s Most Useless Machine was introduced to the world. You can see a video of it here. It was a simple box with a switch that, when flipped, would activate a mechanism whose only purpose was to, well, flip the switch right back to how it was in the first place. Genius. So now this same principle has been pumped up on steroids, and a machine of great ingenuity created, one whose unbridled ingenuity is only rivalled by its uselessness. Meet the Useless Machine Advanced Edition. Using a broken Canon 850i printer, the machine features not one, but eight such switches with an internal switch-flipping mechanism of eerie efficiency.

It’s a fairly complex DIY build, but all the instructions and hardware requirements are listed at the link below.

[ Useles Machine Advanced Edition ] VIA [ LikeCool ]

The Popinator Shoots A Popcorn At Your Mouth On Command

Eating popcorn could become a lot more fun, and a lot more choke-y at the same time. The Popinator is an in-house project from Popcorn, Indiana, a company that sells, well, popcorn. This machine is able to pinpoint your exact location from the sound of your voice using a binaural microphone array, and to shoot a corn projectile into it from up to 15 feet away. It’s. Freaking. Cool.

Although the Popinator is not on the market right now, the company says that if everything lines up, they would definitely like to make it available on the shelves at some point, though for how much and when is unknown.

Hit the jump for a video and links.

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