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Map², The Folding Zoomable Paper Map, Expands To Other Cities


We covered Map² over 3 years ago, and now they’re back in the news because they’ve expanded beyond London, with New York in the pipeline. The product is a good old paper map, like they used to make in the days before smartphones and like they still (unbelievably) make sometimes. Although this one’s got a twist: it’s divided into four quadrants that can unfold to reveal a larger, zoomed in version of that particular section. This is great if you want to start off by getting a general sense of where you’re heading, then narrow it down once you’re close. The fact that it’s folding makes it easy to pocket, and since it’s paper paper (you know, from dead trees), there’s no need for any type of cellular connection to make it work. Travellers weary of signing up for a potentially very expensive data plan while abroad will surely appreciate Map². After New York is finalized, there are plans for Berlin as well as a bunch of others. But it starts with NYC, and for a roughly $12 pledge, you can get your own.


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