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Dear Ingo Articulated Lamp Chandelier

Dear Ingo Articulated Lamp Chandelier (Image courtesy Hofman Dujardin)
By Andrew Liszewski

Don’t feel like going to all the trouble and expense of installing track lighting, but still want something that’s customizable? Designer Ron Gilad’s Dear Ingo chandelier features 15 or so articulated desk lamps fused to a central ring that allows them to each be pointed in a different direction. You’ll probably want to be extra careful when it comes to keeping the whole thing properly balanced because you’d hate to have it come crashing to the floor after spending ~$3,700 on it. Available in a black or white powder coat finish.

[ Moooi – Dear Ingo ] VIA [ Freshome ]

This 14 Day Lantern Will Probably Outlast Your Interest In Being Outdoors

14 Day Lantern (Image courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer)
By Andrew Liszewski

On a set of 4 x D-sized batteries this LED lantern will run for an impressive 336 consecutive hours, on its lowest setting of course. But that equates to 2 whole weeks of illumination which is easily more time than most people can tolerate camping or even being outdoors. In fact at full brightness it can still run for 175 hours non-stop, or just over a week, which again is probably longer than most people can stand to be away from the safety of their online social networks. It’s also completely waterproof and will remain buoyant and fully operational if dropped in water, perfect if you’ve chosen a really, really poor place to set up camp. $49.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer.

[ 14 Day Lantern ] VIA [ The Green Head ]

Clip-On Nightlight With Moon And Star Shaped Filament Bulb

Veilleuse d`Orient (Images courtesy Wannekes)
By Andrew Liszewski

While it’s technically considered to be a clip-on lamp, I don’t think the Veilleuse d`Orient from Tsé & Tsé Associées is going to throw enough light to be useful for anything other than chasing the boogeyman away. And the whimsical moon and star-shaped filament removes any doubt this is destined to be used as a versatile night light in children’s bedrooms around the world. ~$75 (€54.50) from Wannekes, including a spare bulb.

[ Veilleuse d`Orient Lamp ]

Looksoflat Lamp Is Perfect For Finding Stuff That’s Fallen Behind Your Desk

Looksoflat Lamp (Images courtesy Ingo Maurer)
By Andrew Liszewski

Looking a lot like Luxo after being backed over by a truck, the reflector on the Looksoflat desk lamp has an incredibly thin profile, less than an inch thick by the looks of it. The design is of course facilitated by the tiny profile of a couple of LED bulbs, but I can’t help but feel it’s going to be far less efficient at illuminating a work space. But should you drop a pen or a charging cable behind your desk, this should have no trouble squeezing back there to help you find it. Available soon… hopefully.

[ Ingo Maurer Looksoflat Lamp ]

Maglite’s XL100 Features Motion-Based Controls

Maglite XL100 (Images courtesy Mag Instrument)
By Andrew Liszewski

Maglite flashlights have always been known for their strength and durability, whether you’re out hiking in the woods at night or subduing a perp with a little force. But I can’t say I’ve ever viewed their products with any kind of gadget lust, until I stumbled across their new XL100 model. It’s a shockproof, weatherproof compact LED flashlight with 83 lumens of brightness and a multi-selectable push-button tailcap with 5 different modes including strobe, nightlight, signal and SOS functionality.

But what will make the XL100 a must-have for any gadget-lovers camping trip this Summer is that it incorporates a motion sensor allowing you to adjust everything from the brightness to the strobe speed by simply holding the tailcap button and rotating the flashlight in either direction. You’ve always been able to manually adjust the beam focus of a Maglite by twisting the flashlight’s ‘cap’ but the inclusion of a motion sensor adds considerable more functionality without having to add more buttons or complexity. Available from Amazon for just $32.37, and is powered by 3xAAA batteries which are included.

[ Maglite XL100 ]

LavNav Lights Up Your Toilet For Those Late Night Bathroom Trips

By Chris Scott Barr

If you have to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, the last thing you wan to do is turn on a bright light. Night lights are great, but there’s one place that really needs to be decently-lit, and there isn’t always an outlet right next to it. That’s right, the toilet. The LavNav solves that problem by illuminating just the toilet with a soft green or red light.

The light has a motion sensor that makes sure it is only on when someone walks close to it. It will stay on long enough for you to do your business, then automatically shut back off. The light will turn from green to red to let guys know to put the lid back down. It might not be the classiest of devices, but this $32 purchase is better than flipping on that bright light at 3 in the morning.

[ iwantoneofthose ]VIA [ Technabob ]

Rima Desk Lamp Uses Sliding Rings To Specify Where The Light Shines

Rima Desk Lamp (Images courtesy Dreipuls)
By Andrew Liszewski

Winner of a much deserved (IMHO) Red Dot Design award, the Rima lamp, created by Dreipuls, uses a strip of 65 white LEDs that can be selectively turned on or off by sliding around two sets of metal rings. Apparently optical sensors are used to determine the position of the rings, and only the LEDs falling in-between them are turned on. Kind of like a shower curtain… except that there’s no water… so nothing like a shower curtain. You catch my drift right?

Now there’s little to no evidence the Rima lamp actually exists, or at least in a working form without the assistance of Photoshop, but it’s still a great idea. Particularly for anyone burdened with a glossy screen MacBook who spends an unreasonable amount of time getting the angle just right to avoid annoying glares. It’s not just me right?

[ Rima Desk Lamp ] VIA [ MoCo Loco ]

Classy LED Flickering Candelabra

Classy LED Flickering Candelabra (Images courtesy Amazon)
By Andrew Liszewski

Bring a touch of geek class to your next dinner party, or more likely D&D gathering, with this exposed circuit board candelabra. Instead of open flames it uses LEDs controlled by “advanced computer algorithms” to create the traditional flickering effect, and instead of being large enough to look at home on a grand piano, it’s almost small enough to squeeze inside an empty box of playing cards. It’s powered by a single 9V battery which doubles as a necessary stand when attached, and is available for just $9.25 from Perpetual Kid.

[ LED Flickering Candelabra ] VIA [ 7Gadgets ]

Mad Catz amBX Adds Ambient Lighting To Your Gaming Experience

By Chris Scott Barr

Are you looking for a way to immerse yourself into your video games a bit more? We’re still a long way from virtual reality, but there are small things you can do to feel like a part of the game. One thing is to have the proper audio setup. Switching from stereo to a 5.1 surround sound setup can make a huge difference. Soon, you’ll even be able to add mood lighting to your PC games. That’s right, mood lighting.

Mad Catz has announced their new amBX devices, which provide ambient light in conjunction with whatever game you are playing. They can actually take lighting cues from the PC games that you’re playing, and give off the same colors that are being seen in the game. This takes the image from just being on the screen in front of you, and makes it a part of the entire room. Will this be the next big thing in gaming? We’ll see when the lights hit later this year.

[ Mad Catz ]