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Feed Your Pets More Intelligently With This Connected Feeder

Unlike the joke Crib Dribbler from yesterday, the Pintofeed is a real product that we’d actually like to purchase. It’s a WiFi-connected mechanical pet-feeding device. Once setup, you simply load up the 5lbs or 10lbs compartment with dry food pellets and at the press of a button from your smartphone, serve up a 1/8 cup portion of feed to your loved house companion. Over time, the application will learn your pet’s feeding habits and create an automated feeding schedule. You can even use this information to slowly trim his food intake if you’ve noticed your pet has been packing on a little too much fat.

There are a number of fail-safe features that make the Pintofeed reassuring to own. For instance, you will be notified every time your pet is fed, and if food jams the mechanism, you’ll also get an alert. There are two motors, should one of them fail, and there’s a battery that lasts three months in case the power goes out.

Considering how many products in your home are getting a connectivity upgrade, it’s about time that the lowly pet feeder got the same treatment. Currently, Pintofeed is in the fundraising phase on IndieGogo, and a $99 pledge will secure a June 2013 delivery.

[ Project Page] VIA [ GearHungry ]

This Is A Brandy Pipe

A drinking post. Again. It’s the Holidays, innit? That’s enough of an excuse to justify talking about alkeehol, at least it is to me. So what you have here is a Brandy Pipe. Fancy, right?

To help you fully experience and appreciate the flavours of your favourite liqueur, the Brandy Pipe offers a long sipping stem that is gently warmed by your hand as you hold this delicate glass to help release hidden aromas and flavours. Presented in a foam lined gift box, this unique liqueur glass makes an ideal gift for anyone that appreciates a stronger drink. Based on the original sipper glasses from the 17th century, the Brandy Pipe follows traditional glass making techniques to help drinkers get the most from their drink and experience new flavours that were previously hidden.

I like it. I like it because I’ve started to suspect the part of my brain that deals with detecting flavours is slowly dying. It’s hard to know for sure, but anything that “brings flavours out” is A-ok by me. And at £12 (~$20), it makes a pretty easy gift.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ LikeCool ]

Classy: Wine Glass Sippy Cup

Nothing says “I’m an upstanding member of society” than being seen walking around with a sippy cup filled with wine. Oh sure, it could be anything in there. Could be juice. But the fact that the hollowed out innards are shaped just like a wine glass when they don’t have to be is proof enough that the object is making a statement. It’s saying “hey, I’m a sippy cup that’s meant to be filled with wine.” But that’s ok, we don’t just. Of course, if you’re going to be traipsing around town sipping wine from a plastic container, it might was well be spill and shatter proof. Which the Vino2Go (as it’s called) certainly is.

Each $15 BPS-free plastic cup holds 10 oz. of liquid. That’s not much. You better ask your significant other to carry the wine purse for refills.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

Baby Mop: Put That Baby To Some Use

Oh, babies. They are… completely not something we’re thinking of having anytime soon. Cute as they are, they’re just gluttons for attention. We think they should give something back, and more than just the warm and fuzzies, or contributing to the survival of the species, or passing on your genes: they should work for all the things we give them. So that’s why we’re digging the Baby Mop. Featuring ultra absorbing cleaning pads on the areas that babies usually crawl around on, they’ll buff your hardwood floor to a shine without even realizing it. Later in life, you can inform them that they were hardworking little-people even before they knew what they were doing.

It’s $40 and as you can imagine, stock is running low on this. Hit the jump for a few more pictures of a baby definitely digging not knowing what the heck he’s doing.

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The Shot Flask Features Shot Glass In Body

Second post on drinking today. No, this has nothing to do with our recently self-imposed dry period. Nope. Not one thing…

But while we’re on the topic, might as well tell you about the Shot Flask. It’s pretty obvious what it is, and it’s genius. It’s a simple flask that contains a collapsible shot glass. No longer do you have to swig your liquor straight from the flask like an alcoholic; you can pretend to be upscale and just shoot it like a regular bar patron. Except you’re in a movie theatre and fooling no one, but hey, we don’t judge.

The Shot Flask holds 8 oz, and costs $25.

[ The Shot Flask ]

Das Horn: For When You Just Have To Drink Like A Viking

Men don’t drink beer from mugs, men drink beer from a hollowed-out animal tusk held in their right hand, while nonchalantly fighting a raging boar with the left. It’s just how it’s done, or at the very least it’s how it would be done in an Old Spice commercial. Except that, well… hollowing out an animal tusk might have been just fine in the time of Leif Eriksson but it’s not such an accepted practice nowadays. Enter the Das Horn, a BPS-free ABS plastic cup with a stainless steel rim. A metal stand allows you to set it down on a table, or you can hang it around your neck for some hands-free drinking. We think it looks pretty slick.

The Das Horn contains 24 oz. of liquid, and is dishwasher safe. Currently a project on Kickstarter, a $35 pledge will get you yours.

[ Project Page ] VIA [ Uncrate ]

Friis Coffee Vault

Storing coffee isn’t like storing sugar. There’s delicate flavours to preserve there, and coffee beans release CO2 while in storage, so you can’t just put them in a hermetically sealed container. Well, you can… but it’s better if you put them in something like the Friis Coffee Vault. It features a one-way valve that lets the carbon dioxide out, but prevents anything else from entering and tainting that most precious of flavours.

For $22 you get a 16 oz jar, a measuring spoon and a one year supply of freshness valves.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Werd ]

TGT Wallet Is Another Take On Minimal

The type of wallet you choose as well as where you decide to stash it (front vs. rear pocket) is a topic of endless discussion in some circles. But there’s no denying that the growing trend is to go minimal and carry only the essentials in the front pocket; the George Costanza types are a dying breed. Capitalizing on the movement is the TGT (which stands for “Tight”) wallet seen above: “The TGT 1.0 is a simple wallet made of rare high quality elastic. The TGT 2.0 adds a pocket made of fine Italian leather.” And that, really, is it. With an effort in restraint, you can select only your essential plastic and some paper money and not have to worry about herniating a vertebral disc from sitting on an overstuffed wallet again. The TGT wallet is fully funded on Kickstarter… 5 times over actually, and at $16 and $32, you’ll still have plenty of that paper money left to carry around in it after you’ve placed your order. Better yet, it’s apparently not too late to order it in time for the Holidays.

[ Project Page ] VIA [ Uncrate ]

Currency Coasters Are Made From Money – Literally

What happens when paper money falls out of circulation? We’re not sure, but some of it clearly gets shredded and ends up as coasters. Mixed with a type of resin, the Currency Coasters are part shredded ex-money, part plastic and all conversation piece.

Well, maybe not conversation. Maybe just a “hey, dude, your coasters are neat-o!” But at $35 for 4, that’ll do.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ HolyCool ]