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No More Excuses: How To Fold A Shirt In Under 2 Seconds

Guys, look around you. Shirts lying around in piles? Yeah… shame on you. You’re grown men, for crying out loud! Also, apparently, folding a shirt doesn’t require a Masters’ in origami. Watch the video above and learn how to do it in 2 seconds. It’s super easy. And to be honest, it’s pretty mesmerizing to watch. Aside from helping you be more tidy, this technique could win you some money in bar bets.

VIA [ LikeCool ]

Wearable ParaShoot Camera Records Snippets of Your Everyday Life


The ParaShoot isn’t the first camera of its kind that was ever made and I’m fairly certain it won’t be the last. It’s a tiny camera that you’re supposed to wear around you neck, where it will record random moments of your life from your perspective, day in and day out. The amulet camera works in conjunction with your smartphone, which can be used as a remote control and viewfinder, so you won’t have to use your smartphone’s shooter or digital camera anymore when you want to take a picture or record a clip of whatever is in front of you.

ParaShoot provides a hands-free recording experience for your convenience and ease of use. The device is slightly bigger than a memory card and is designed to sport customizable cover plates so it’ll look more like a fashion accessory or pendant than a mini camera.

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Onnit Chimp Primal Bell Will Add A Little Flavor To Your Workouts


Crossfit is gaining popularity and with it, the use of kettlebells. These have been around for a while, by the way, but now that they’re popular again, why stop at buying a simple ball-shaped one, when you can get yourself the Chimp Primal Bell from Onnit? It weighs 36lbs. (1 pood, for those of you who speak Crossfit-ese) and is made from “chip resistant iron.” That just probably means it’s made from iron, which tends to be more malleable and not chip in general, rather than some form of special iron that doesn’t chip.

It’s $86 for a kettlebell with some personality.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ GearCulture ]

This Is A Body Pillow With A Hole For Your Breasts


Us dudes have it easy: we can sleep face down without anything getting in the way. And while we suspect that given the large number of women who also sleep face down, having breasts isn’t that much of an obstacle. Yet, it’s nice to know that someone out there has your comfort in mind, ladies, especially those of you that are… gifted. Michael C. Riley is in the process of getting funding for Comfy Breasts™ Relaxation System (that’s right, trademarked), a full body length foam pillow with an opening for your bosom. So you can lay flat, face down, in comfort. There are a number of sizes, and a selection of unfortunately awful patterns for the cover, but hey… this is the first we hear of anything like this, so we’re going to cut Michael a little slack for his questionable taste in interior design.

The body pillow is $50, or $100 if you want it with the matching head rest. If fully funded, it’ll ship in June.

Hit the jump for a couple more informative pictures, and links.

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Jones Soda Releases Poutine Flavored Soda


Poutine is a French Canadian delicacy that involves topping fries with cheese curds and scaldingly hot gravy. The gravy then melts the cheese and creates a dish that’s as delicious as it appears to be artery-clogging. It’s an acquired taste for some, but being (somewhat) French Canadian myself, I can assure you it’s excellent. Now, Jones Soda has released a Poutine flavored soda, which it describes as “a nice balance of rich, savory gravy over a starchy potato base, and accented with those fatty, cheesy notes you expect in a plate of poutine.” They had us at Poutine, and we’re happy to see that it’ll be available in select regions of Canada, including of course Quebec.

Jones Soda makes other “special” flavours, such as Turkey and gravy, for Thanksgiving.

VIA [ Technabob ]

Brewclip Is A Slim Wallet With A Beer Bottle Opener


Slim wallets are in, as we’ve mentioned on the website multiple times. Manufacturers know this, so they’re always coming up with some variation of design to try and entice shoppers. Today’s flavour is called the Brewclip. It holds up to 5 credit cards, has a money clip on one side, and is made from a laser-cut stainless steel core and either a 3D printed plastic or a wood grain outer layer. Better yet, it includes a slide-out bottle opener, which any self-respecting college student will realize can come in handy in almost any situation.

The Kickstarter campaign is fully funded and as a matter of fact is almost completely sold out. As of this writing there are a few left at the $59 and $79 price points, which give you a late batch Brew Blip and a regular/wood grain pair of BrewClips, respectively.

[ Product Page ]

You Can Allegedly Wear This Shirt Non-Stop For 100 Days


We’re pretty certain this headline got the attention of at least some of you. Because, let’s face it, hardcore citizens of the Internet will likely grab any opportunity to remain hygienic without making any sort of effort. So if this shirt by Wool&Prince actually does what it claims, you could wear the same shirt for up to 100 days without ever washing or even ironing it. How? The company claims some kind of extra special wool fabric, extolling its moisture absorbing qualities (better than cotton, really?), its fold-resisting abilities, its superior durability and breathability. And this is no grandma’s itchy wool either; they’ve made sure to make this shirt extra soft. So you can crumple it up in a ball, toss it in a bag and have a shirt ready to wear right after a workout at the gym. No… shower required…

Yeah, we’re still going to be washing this thing and we’re not suggesting anyone actually go 100 days with the same shirt. But, if the claims are true, it appears you can. You’ll pay for the privilege, though, at $98 per shirt.

[ Project Page ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

Stainless Steel ‘Pucs’ Are The New Whisky Rocks


Cooling drinks with ice? Passé. It dilutes the drink down anyway. Whisky rocks were the way to go for a bit, but now? Passé. It seems. Because judging by the massive interest on Kickstarter over the above stainless steel Pucs, it appears that metal is in. The Pucs are a set of metal discs that you stick in the freezer and then drop into your drink when the time comes, just like Whisky rocks. Cools the drink down and can be re-used over and over. And they do look rather snazzy in those wooden Black Walnut or Maple cases.

Now here’s the annoying part: it’s $38 for 6 Pucs and its case. That’s a lot of money just to be all Hipster-y about your drink cooling. But hey, we don’t judge.

[ Project Page ] VIA [ BoingBoing ]

HoodiePillow Even Has Room For Your iDevice


The HoodiePillow has been around for almost a year, but being the slowpokes that we sometimes are, we are reporting on it now. It’s a cool fusion of a hoodie, with, well, a pillow. You can use it to warm up your noggin while sleeping, reading or any other activity where you might use a pillow and risk getting cold. There’s even a pocket next to the hoodie where you can stuff your iPhone and holes through which you thread your earphones for easy listening.

It’s $20.

hoodie pillow

[ Product Page ] VIA [ 7Gadgets ]