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Pure Win: Michael Jackson Rocks Your World Again…In LEGO

MJ Lego

Michael Jackson rocked my world in my teenage years, and he still does to this day. Controversies set aside, MJ was a compassionate human being and he really touched a lot of people with his music. Even though he no longer moonwalks on this earth like the rest of us, he’s still very much alive in the hearts and minds of his fans, where he will live on and his memory kept alive by his music.

MJ isn’t just known for his beautiful voice; he’s also widely regarded for his jaw-dropping dance moves and suaveness. Highlighting this great talent of his and immortalizing his signature dance moves in LEGO is Berlin-based animator Annette Jung of Talking Animals.

Check it out after the break. It’s nothing short of awesome.

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This Retired LEGO Mold Made 120,000,000 Bricks


There’s really not much more information on this aside from what’s in the headline. And is there really any need for more?

So let’s sample some of the top comments on the Imgur page on which it was found.

    “Now, he’s living in Boca Raton, got a nice condo, does some volunteer work and he goes Marlin fishing once a month.”
    “It shits bricks.”
    “After years of service finally it just Lego”
    “Pain factory!”

VIA [ Nerd Approved ]

Back To The Future LEGO Set To Be Available Mid-2013

Back in April of this year, we wrote about this very Back To The Future LEGO set, explaining that it was in the pipeline, having successfully garnered 10,000 at LEGO’s design site Cuusoo. The only thing that might have stopped the project at the time was failing to secure the rights to the BTTF franchise, but we’re happy to say this is now done and the set is going to be released mid-2013. We’re not sure about the price nor do we have any details about how many pieces it’s made up of, but we’re happy its been greenlit. Simply getting 10,000 votes for a project doesn’t guarantee the idea will be made as it has to go through several review steps. For more on what that means, hit the jump for an informative video from LEGO.

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LEGO Ornaments Will Geek Up Your Christmas Tree

LEGO Ornaments

Geeky ornaments have become increasingly uncommon these days, what with more and more geeks storming planet Earth and all. More ornaments that prospective geeks can look forward to hanging up this year are these colorful LEGO ornaments that will bring a smidge of class and a whole lot of awesome to their trees.

These ornaments are being sold as a set of six by LEGO builder Agnieszka Biernacka for $80. They’re made from brand-new LEGO bricks so the ornaments still have that fresh, scratch-free shine to them. They’re also glued together so they won’t fall apart and break into bricks if you happen to drop them.

Of course, you can just build your own LEGO ornaments if you’ve got the time and if you’ve got the bricks.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gadgets Matrix ]

LEGO Bonsai Tree: Trimming One Pixelated Leaf at a Time

LEGO Bonsai

The funnest part about people is that they have free well, a wild imagination, and clever ingenuity. At least, some of them anyway. For example, give them two sticks and a stone and eventually, they’ll build a fire. Give them a block of wood and a jagged rock and they’ll eventually come up with a wheel–or maybe even a wheelbarrow.

Give them a whole chest of green, brown, and black LEGO pieces and they’ll build you a LEGO Bonsai Tree. That is, if they happen to have the artistry and skills of botanical artist Makoto Azuma. It’s clear from his work that Makoto knows his bonsai and has honed his LEGO-building skills throughout the years.

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That’s What A $15,000 Gold LEGO Brick Looks Like

Hey, people of money, listen up. If taking nightly dives into your pool of gold coins (like Scrooge McDuck) hasn’t completely desensitized you to the appeal of all things golden, there’s a little something you could buy. Provided of course that you share the geek’s enchantment with all things LEGO.

This brick is 25.65g of 14K gold (0.8246 troy oz). The brick is the same size and shape as the original 2×4 LEGO brick.

This incedibly rare piece was given to LEGO employees that had 25 years of employement at the Hohenwestedt, Germany factory and was also given to couple of very special business partners of LEGO of the time. It was only given out from about 1979-1981, only one or 2 per year from my understanding.

This amazing brick comes in its original display box which features the LEGO logo of the time that it was given out. The box itself is plastic and has a minor amount of storage wear on it.

So yeah, you can buy it. This particular one was made in 1980, and the asking price is $15,000. That’s a roughly tenfold premium on regular gold, so there’s definitely some collector’s salivating going on.

Us, we’re gonna stick with spray painting our bricks with yellow paint and pretending we’re rich.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ GeekoSystem ]

Japanese Guy Makes Mind-Blowing Pop-Up LEGO Creation

Whenever we’re in contact with LEGO, we’re either stepping on them or creating things that look so little like what we intended that you’d be forgiven thinking they were made by a blind person. We’re challenged that way, but Japanese LEGO fanatic Talapz definitely isn’t. He made a fantastic reproduction of a Todai-ji Buddhist temple, which is pretty impressive on its own. But this one happens to pop-up, like a pop-up book. In other words, the temple is not visible at first, only a colourful box that resembles a suitcase. But when opened up, an intricate folding mechanism reveals the temple in all its glory. It’s pretty jaw dropping, and you can see it all in the video below. If you stick around to the end, he’ll explain how he did it.

VIA [ Technabob ]

Here’s That Motorized LEGO Wheelchair You’ve Always Dreamed Of

There’s a good number of things you can make with LEGOs. That’s why they’re so much fun! We’ve come across everything from MC Escher/Star Wars hybrids to a ridiculously detailed Porsche 911. But we’re pretty sure this motorized wheelchair is a first. It carries a person weighing up to 90kg (198lbs) around at blistering speeds of next to nothing, doing 0 to next-to-nothing in forever flat. It sounds like we don’t like it, but we do. It’s just kind of slow. But who really cares? It was made with 7 LEGO Mindstorm NXT’s, 14 LEGO Mindstorm motors, 6 LEGO Mindstorm touch sensors, 12 Rotocaster Muti-directional wheels and “a whole lot of LEGO Tecnic” by one Simon “Burf” Burfield. And while the chair is plenty cool as it is, Simon is working on replacing the current joystick controller with a wireless Bluetooth/Android control.

Hit the jump for a video of the chair in action and links.

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Star Wars, MC Escher, LEGO… Did We Die And Is This Heaven?

By David Ponce

Pretty much on the brink of a nerdgasm here, we think the above creation from one Paul Vermeesch should seriously be in a museum. Or something. Mimicking M.C.Escher’s famous 1953 lithograph “Relativity“, Vermeesch carefully recreated scenes from the Star Wars trilogy in an intricate 1X1X1ft cube of LEGO. There’s a storm trooper pacing the desert in search of two droids. There’s Obi Wan Kenobi scuttling off down a walkway after disabling the tractor beam. There’s even the Endor scene, complete with foliage and Ewoks.

It’s pure genius. To encourage you to visit Paul’s MOC page, we won’t post much of his photographs here. But you should definitely give them a look.

[ M.C.Escher's LEGO Star Wars ]