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Zelda Wedding Rings Remind Gamers That They Shouldn’t Go Through Life Alone

Zelda Wedding Rings

The world is a dangerous place. We all know that. But it gets infinitely dangerous without the right person by your side. If you and your partner happen to be gamers, then you might want to check out these awesome Zelda-themed wedding rings by Zsolt Székely.

The design is simple, classy, and elegant. Those who aren’t familiar with the game might think that the Triforce featured prominently is just some random design, but obviously gamers will know better.

The best part about these rings, though, is the inscription, which reads: “It’s dangerous to go through life alone.” It’s obviously a play on one of the most-uttered lines from the Zelda series and they couldn’t have said it better.

If you’re interested, you can contact Zsolt Székely for specific pricing and other inquiries.

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Awesome Geek Dad Mods Zelda and Turns Link into a Girl in the Process

Legend of Zelda Mod

We’ve got another awesome parent to add to our list of Awesome Parents of 2012, who will be joining the ranks of the awesome mom who modded her son’s push car into a DeLorean. This time around, we’ve got Mike Hoye who did some modding on The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker so that every reference to Link refers to him as a her. In short, Mike turned Link into a girl for his little three-year-old girl named Maya.

Mike explains that he did it because “she’s the hero of the story.” Maybe Maya finds the story more relatable with a female lead or a heroine, so her dad made it happen. It took a lot of work, too, since it probably took Mike a few weeks at the very least to finish modding the entire game.

You can read about how he did it here, if you’re curious.

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