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Brighten Up Your Bunker With These Fake Bright Light Blinds

By David Ponce

Made to create the illusion of being in a room with a window, the Bright Blind by Makoto Hirahara uses electroluminescent (EL) sheets on the underside of each slat. The intensity of the light is controlled by changing the angle of these, pretty much as you’d do if these were blinds on an actual window. While it’s not being sold as a treatment for seasonal affective disorder, this might not be such a bad angle for the product to take.

Bunker dwellers interested in the product should know that price information is not public: you have to request this information. Unless one of our readers has already purchased this and wants to enlighten us…

[ Product Page ] VIA [ BookOfJoe ]

LEGO Minifig With LED Feet

LEGO: Mini Torch (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

As a kid I remember getting a LEGO fire truck and police truck that had working LED lights and an electronic siren. But oddly enough they were both trucks and not smaller cars because the design had to accommodate a rather hefty battery compartment. So it’s nice to see that LEGO has embraced the advancements in electronics over the years to create this keychain-tethered minifig that features a white LED light in each foot. He’s posable just like your standard minifig, but unlike the rest he can be used as a flashlight at night, and with some custom body work, could even serve as a pretty great start for a flying LEGO Iron Man figure. About $9.15 from available in mid to late September.

[ LEGO: Mini Torch ]

World’s First Liquid-Cooled Light Bulb


By Chris Scott Barr

I’m a gamer, which means I like to pump as much juice as I can out of my computer. Overclocking means more heat, which I combat by using a liquid cooling system. Liquid cooling isn’t all that uncommon in high-end computers, however, it’s practically unheard of for light bulbs. Until now, that is.

This small LED bulb uses liquid-cooling so that it can provide full 360-degree lighting. It consumes only 4 Watts of power, while still giving off the same amount of light as a traditional 25 Watt bulb. Sure, it’s not the brightest in the world, but it would be great for small desk lamps and such. Each bulb will set you back $35 and is rated for up to 35,000 hours. You know you want to get one, just to say you have a liquid-cooled bulb.

[ EternalLEDs ] VIA [ CoolestGadgets ]

The Anti-Paparazzi Purse


By Chris Scott Barr

Being the big-time professional blogger that I am means that I have to deal with being famous. I mean, I can’t hardly walk down the street without getting bombarded by paparazzi. While that may be a slight exaggeration on my part, there are real celebrities out there that have to deal with that sort of thing on a regular basis. There’s really very little you can do to deter those shutter-happy photographers from blinding celebs with their flash. Thankfully technology may soon give them a helpful tool.

This new purse concept is rather simple. It houses a small LED flash that can detect bright sources of light. When it senses a camera flash, it kicks on its own bright flash to compensate. This will then cause the picture to come out with a large white area where the subject should be. It works at 1/125 shutter speed, which should be fast enough to blind cameras shooting at slower speeds for night shots.

[ AHProjects ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]

Learn Some Basic Circuitry Skills And Create Some Halloween Fun

By Jonathan Kimak

Every so often there comes around a neat little DIY project that can be both fun and educational. If you don’t know much about circuitry, this halloween project might be the thing that finally moves you from gadget user to gadget maker.

The project is to create a light-sensitive jack-o-lantern that turns itself off during the day and comes alive during the night with two glowing LED eyes. All you need is a phototransistor, several transistors and resistors, LEDs and some AA batteries(plus holder). The detailed list can be found at the Evil Mad Scientists website.

Of course, placing something you just made into a goopy mess of a pumpkin might not be too appealing to you. But you can always buy a fake pumpkin from a craft store so that you only have to do this once but get years of use out of it.

[ Evil Mad Scientist ] VIA [ DVICE ]

United Arab Emirates Goes Big With LEDs

By Jonathan Kimak

What do you do when you’re a tiny little country that makes more money than countries 5 times your size? You spend money on crazy stuff. At least that’s what I think the United Arab Emirates(UAE) are doing. They’ve created skyscrapers with tennis courts on them, are planning to make rotating buildings and now are going for a 33 storey LED display.

The LED display will cover the entire side of a building and will have images viewable 1.5km away. With a display that powerful they’d better be careful what sort of advertisements get played. There could be a lot of traffic accidents from a 330 foot Victoria’s Secret ad.

[ Cool Buzz ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]