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A Bright Engagement: Man Builds Induction-Powered LED Engagement Ring for Fiance

LED Engagement Ring

If you like it, then you should put a ring on it. But let’s do one up Beyonce and say that if you love her, then you’ll go ahead and build a ring for her. That’s what Ben Kokes did for his fiance. It took nearly four months and nine prototype versions before Ben was done with his project. He presented the ring to his girl this month and she loved it so much that she decided to make it her permanent ring instead of going to the jeweler to get one. Pretty neat, huh?

Ben started out by designing and developing a circuit that would be able to power up the ring inductively. In the end, he used a coil of wire wound around kaplon tape as the inductor and a small SMD capacitor to power up three tiny ultra-bright LEDs.

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Your Flashlight, Now With 100% More Bat


Strange noise in the middle of the night got you scared? There’s a bunch of things you could do. If you’re not the shoot first and ask questions later kind of person, these might include grabbing a baseball bat and exploring. How about a baseball bat with an integrated flashlight? It makes sense to think that if it’s the middle of the night and you’re terrified, you may not think to turn the lights on. Or maybe there’s a power outage. Or whatever… We can conceive of a bunch of situations where you’d want something like this. It has a light output of 200 lumens, and even a strobe function that could disorientate someone whose eyes have accustomed to the dark. And at $30, it’s a bargain.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ BonjourLife ]

ReTimer Glasses Promise To Help Fix Jetlag

There are many entrants in the field of light-aided circadian rhythm adjustment; the ReTimer is one of the more interesting ones due to its easy-to-wear design. What it does is promise to help you reduce jet lag, increase energy, overcome sleeplessness and overcome fatigue by shining an LED light in the green wavelength at your eyes. It does this from below so that you can still look ahead and not be blinded. The brain uses this light cue and adjusts its biorhythms accordingly.

There’s a particular science in using ReTimer properly, and fortunately their website gives you a “Jet Lag Calculator” where you can enter your departure place and time, as well as your arrival details and it will give you a program that will get your clock back in line faster than you could have achieved naturally. Allegedly. We don’t doubt the studies and the effectiveness of the device, but of course it’s not magic and will work differently with everyone. Still, if you don’t mind donning some pretty funky looking glasses and paying $260 for the privilege, the ReTimer could just be a useful tool for the jet setters of this planet.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Engadget ]

Whimsical LED Balloon Light Is Perfect For… Whimsical Settings?

We’re not terribly creative, so we can’t suggest the ideal places where the above product would be perfect. Parties? That seems too obvious. But the Balloon Lamp, which is designed by Kouichi Okamoto, just looks like it would be perfect somewhere, if only we could think of where that is. Powered by a high-intensity LED light, you can just hang it anywhere you want with the included hook. Two regular balloons are included, but you’re of course free to use your own, of any color. The two Li-Ion batteries included provide up to 100 hours of illumination, so it’ll last through whatever event you end up using it on, though it’s probably not the best solution as permanent lighting for the home.

Whimsy doesn’t come cheap though: a set of two will set you back $77.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ HolyCool ]

Here’s A Great Idea: A Bluetooth Bulb

We’re starting to get pretty far removed from your good old incandescents who did nothing more than turn on and waste 90% of their energy as heat. LED light bulbs are not only getting much more efficient, but now apparently smarter. The Bluetooth Bulb uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to compatible devices and offer you a slew of features that no other bulb has: you can turn them on or off with a smartphone, put them on an automatic timer, as well as set the brightness and even the specific colour (with the RGB models), all with the tip of your fingers through an application. They’ll come in 3-7W wattages, which is plenty for LEDs and several can be controlled with one device, though we’re not sure if each can be addressed independently; we’re going to assume they are (or what would be the point?)

Currently the Bluetooth Bulb is just a patented prototype, though there are plans for commercialization. At what time and price, we don’t know.

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Halo Belt Makes Sure You Get Spotted So You Won’t Get Run Over

Halo Belt

Every year, over a million people die due to road traffic injuries and related incidents. Millions more figure in motor vehicle accidents that could have been prevented. In many instances, the accidents only happen because someone was being careless or wasn’t paying attention. Other times, it could be due to circumstances, like the road being too dark or the fact that there was blind corner where people thought there was none.

Now the Halo LED Belt might not be able to prevent all of these types of accidents from happening, but they will be able to make people easier to spot, especially those riding along in their bikes or crossing the road on a particularly dark night. Dubbed as the “World’s First LED Safety Belt”, the LED lighting emitted through thermoplastic polyurethane fiber optics on the belt increases a person’s visibility.

The Halo can also be used when you’re changing a tire on the side of the road or when you’re jogging. You can even use it as a fashion accessory and add to your visibility (and outfit!) during raves or parties.

Hit the jump for a video of Halo X, which are actually two Halo belts quicksnapped together.

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Glowing Cufflinks For The Dapper Geek

By David Ponce

Unfortunate as some of us may find it and Silicon Valley influence notwithstanding, there are still plenty of occasions that call for formal dressing. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave your root behind. You can let some of your true geek fred shiny through by using the above iCufflinks. They’re made out of machined aluminum and are stuffed with a tiny circuit board and an LED and a battery. Put the battery in and they’ll start pulsating to a certain pattern. The best part is that it’s an open source system, meaning you can reprogram the pattern and have it be anything you want. Maybe you can set them to signal SOS in morse code to express your discomfort and dismay at being clothed in such an unbecoming attire. The CR1220 battery should last up to 72 hours, so you won’t run out of juice mid party.

They’re $128 at Thinkgeek.

[ Product Page ]

Why Would I Want An RGB LED Stuck To A USB Connector In A Case?

By David Ponce

Well, if you’re the nerdy type, who likes his hacks, the blink(1) should make you smile. It plugs into any computer’s free USB ports and works as a fully programmable indicator of… anything you want.

Do you want to know if a friend has signed onto Skype, but don’t want a window popping up every time anyone has logged on? Do you want to be notified when a long download has finished? Do you want to know the snow conditions at Tahoe without checking every hour? Do you want to make a “busy” light for your office that glows red when your calendar says you’re in a meeting?

You can do all four at once: you can simultaneously control as many blink(1)s as you have USB ports. Have a 36-port USB hub? You can fill it with 36 blink(1)s, each of which is showing a different piece of information.

You could conceivably end up with one heck of a nerdy Christmas tree, with lights going on and off at anytime anything happens. It’s… kind of cool. And it’s $30 for one, on a fully funded Kickstarter project.

[ Project Page ] VIA [ BoingBoing ]

15,000 Lumen LED Light Cannon Will Blind You, Efficiently

By David Ponce

There are more powerful light sources on the market. But what stands this one apart is that it’s self contained. And has LEDs. So the XM18 light cannon (it’s kind of hard to call this thing a flashlight, though I suppose you could try) houses either 32 or 36 Lithium batteries and has a cooling fan, because even more efficient LEDs still get hot. It has three power settings, the highest of which will output 15,000 Lumen. And the hexagon shape means you can just keep buying more and more of them, easily chain them together, and compete with the sun. But that sort of enterprising spirit will cost you dearly as even one XM18 fetches $2,500. And they’re made to order so expect to have to wait a bit for yours to arrive.

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