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This Is What Your Gaming Mouse Needs: A Separate LCD


Last time we were impressed by a gaming mouse, it was because it has a cooling fan attached to it. This mouse from Gigabyte, the Aivia Uranium, comes with a sidekick LCD screen.

It has an integrated OLED monochrome display to clearly show how far along in the recharging cycle a power pack is. It also shows the current DPI setting of the Uranium and its current wireless frequency. You can even customize the macros, as this is where the onboard memory for the Uranium is stored. By offloading as much as they could from the mouse to the station, Gigabyte’s claim of 70 hours of wireless use does seem much more plausible.

There’s no word on price, but it should be available in June.

VIA [ EverythingUSB ]

Boogie Board LCD Tablet Uses Almost No Power


By Chris Scott Barr

LCD’s are wonderful bits of technology. TVs, computer monitors and even the screen on your phone are probably LCD displays. Now one company even wants to use this same technology to replace your old-fashioned pen and paper. Behold the Boogie Board LCD Tablet.

No, this thing isn’t going to completely replace that pad of paper in your desk drawer, but it does have its uses. What you’re looking at is an LCD tablet that can be used with a stylus (or any other object, such as a fingernail) to write on. Touch-sensitive screens are nothing new, but this particular one uses no power except when you erase the screen. Even then it requires only a very small amount of power, which is supplied by a watch battery. This is good for around 50,000 erase cycles.

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Brinno Digital Peephole Viewer Arrives – What Took So Long?


By David Ponce

This one’s pretty simple, and we’re wondering why we’re only seeing this product on the market now. The Brinno Digital Peephole viewer goes into the current peephole found on many doors, but allows you to view your visitor using a 1.3 megapixel display. There’s even a zoom option so you can examine facial features more closely. This is of course not an always-on device: pressing the button gives you 10 seconds to identify who’s there. 2 AA batteries last approximately 1,700 peeps.

Bonus: no one has to know you’re there anymore, since even just looking through regular peepholes kind of gives you away by going dark.

It’s $180 ($160 Australian) but currently out of stock.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Dvice ]

Samsung Announces an Expensive Video Conferencing LCD


By Shane McGlaun

Before the global economy went into the crapper, many businesses held quarterly or more frequent meetings to talk strategy and other items. Many firms flew employees in from all around the country to attend these meetings. With the poor economy today, flying people in has become too expensive and many businesses are going to hd video conferencing instead.

Samsung has announced a new video conferencing LCD called the VC240 that integrates all of the components needed for HD desktop video conferencing into a 24-inch LCD that works as a computer monitor as well.

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Eyesite LCD Arm Holds Up to Three 24-Inch Screens


By Shane McGlaun

For many years, I worked with a 19-inch LCD and though I had a big screen. I ended up flipping back and forth through windows for hours each day before I moved to a 24-inch screen. With the larger screen, I could get two documents side by side and it was great. Now I often wish I had two 24-inch screens.

The problem is that I don’t have the desk space to sit a pair of 24-inch screens on the desktop. Steelcase has announced a new LCD arm available through its Details brand that will hold up to three 24-inch screens on a single articulating mount.

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Samsung PC LCDs Get Touch of Color


By Shane McGlaun

Ever wonder why computer monitors are typically black, silver, or beige? No? Well I have wondered why most computer gear is the same color before, I guess no one likes to rock the boat or maybe those colors are cheaper to produce. I’d like to have a nice Ferrari red LCD, but alas I have a silver and black Dell.

Samsung has announced new LCDs for computer users that feature the firm’s Touch of Color design. The monitors have a clear acrylic neck to make them seem to be floating says Samsung. The three models include the P2070, P2370, and P2370HD.

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Add A SideShow Device To Your PC For Cheap

By Luke Anderson

I’ve been using Windows Vista for quite some time now, and one feature I’ve never taken advantage of is SideShow. If you’re not familiar with the feature, it allows you to have a small screen which displays a variety of useful information. I remember hearing about this and thinking how cool it would be to use. Unfortunately Vista has been out for close to two years, and there aren’t a lot of devices that work with SideShow. Those that do will generally set you back more than your primary monitor. Fortunately Mini-Box has created an excellent device that won’t break the bank.

The PicoLCD 4×20 Sideshow is a small SideShow LCD screen that can display up to four lines of 20 characters. It works with a variety of Gadgets such as Windows Media Player, WeatherBug, Stocks Plus and more. You can program each gadget to display a variety of information, and in the case of Windows Media Player, navigate through your music library from the device itself. The best thing about this screen has to be the price. At $50, this is the least expensive Sideshow product I’ve seen.

[ Mini-Box ] VIA [ EverythingUSB ]

Digital Photo Viewer Makes This The Wallet Of The Future

By Luke Anderson

Guys, how many pictures do you keep in your wallet? I have seven (not including the one on my license), which seems like a small amount in comparison to some people. All of those pictures can add some extra bulk to your wallet, not to mention they don’t always seem to look the greatest in those plastic sleeves. Now what if instead of actual photos, you had a wallet with an LCD screen? That’d be pretty cool.

Well, it would be cool until you left it in your jeans to get washed. I doubt that it would survive a single wash. If you are a careful person, then this wallet will run you around $60. The screen is 1.44-inches and the viewer can store up to 60 pictures.

[ Seventh Avenue ] VIA [ UberReview ]

Westinghouse 56″ Quad HD Monitor Now Officially Available For Purchase

Westinghouse D56QX1 (Images courtesy Westinghouse)
By Andrew Liszewski

While a 52 inch version of Westinghouse’s QUAD HD LCD monitor has been available to select companies in need of high-resolution displays for a while, a new version is now available to anyone willing to shell out $50,000. The new model, dubbed the D56QX1, has been bumped to 56 inches in size and like its predecessor features a resolution of 3840×2160. That’s 8.3 million pixels, compared to 2.1 million for boring old 1080p HD. The D56QX1 also features a 1200:1 contrast ratio, 500 nits brightness, a 6.5ms response time and compatibility with a wide variety of dual-link DVI video cards from ATI and Nvidia. Just make sure your desk can support 108lbs of monitor before you make the investment.

[ Westinghouse D56QX1 56″ Quad Full HD Monitor ] VIA [ TG Daily ]