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Laser-Powered Earphones Glow To The Beat Of Your Drums


Call it a gimmick, but it’s an interesting one. Glow earphones features cords that are wrapped in Corning’s special Fibrance material, which diffuses light and allows for a single strands to become wholly illuminated with a single source at its base. This means the cords on the Glow earphones will light up in multiple colors, and will pulsate to the rhythm of your music. Seeing as this is a crowdfnded project, the makers will add a glow-to-motion features if they reach $750,000 in funding, and a pulse-to-heartbeat function if they reach $1M. Currently sitting around the $350,000 mark, Glow earphones will pulsate to your music only, although you do get a few additional features, like a mic to take calls, as well as a small puck-shaped controller to summon Siri, trigger the shutter on your camera, and quickly respond to texts.

It’s not exactly a revolutionary offering, but it’s Tron-like feel might be enough to justify the $149 asking price to some. Granted there’s no promise of excellent sound quality from these as-yet-to-prove-themselves manufacturers, but those of you with a penchant for the novel and more disposable income might consider them a good purchase.


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Bosch Laser Measure Lets You Get Rid Of The Tape Once And For All


When you’re in your backyard building things, you’re inevitably going to have to use your trusty measuring tape. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of using one, you’ll know what a pain in the rear end they can be. They’ll come unhooked, bend when you need them to stay straight, and snap back at you haphazardly. Sure, we sound like incompetent DIYers, but so are a great number of people who just want to build things, with limited experience. Bosch Tools has a line of laser measuring tools, the latest one of which is so small it could fit in a tight jean pocket. It’s the GLM 15, and can measure things up to 50ft. away with 1/8 inch precision. What’s more, it’s only $50, which is very little money to save you the kind of hassle a regular tape can give.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

Tactical Laser Guided Pizza Slicer


If your roommates are so anal about getting their exact share of pizza, and not a sliver less, then we suggest getting new roommates. If that’s not an option, maybe splurge on this Tactical Laser Guided Pizza Cutter? It features, well, a laser right above the cutting wheel, which might help you cut in a straight line if you’re sober enough. Aside from that, it’s just a frikkin’ pizza cutter, boys. It’s $30.

Oh, and no, we don’t think you need to wear a tactical vest to cut your darn pizza. But you can if that’s what floats your goat.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ TheGreenHead ]

The XFire Safety Light Lets You Take Your Bike Lane With You

Sharing the road is important, not only with other motorists but with cyclists as well. Not every street has a dedicated bike path and it can sometimes be hard to know just how much space to give the two-wheeled commuters when passing beside them. The XFire taillight has lasers that project two parallel lines on the ground, clearly marking out the space needed to remain safe and comfortable. There’s also 5 strong LEDs at the back so that not only your portable bike path is visible, but the bike itself in the middle of it. At $37, it’s a relatively inexpensive way to add a layer of safety to any after-dark bike ride.

[ Product Page ] VIA [GearHungry ]

Video: What Happens To An iPhone 5 Being Zapped By 5 Overpowered Lasers At Once?

The same thing that happens to any other cellphone, of course! But if there’s one tradition that seems to have held up over the last few years is the filming of gratuitous and wanton destruction of every new iPhone with as creative an arsenal as possible. We don’t find lasers particularly creative, to be honest, but it’s just one level of sophistication above guns, so we’re going to write about it. Above is a video of five of WickedLaser’s Spyder III Arctic 1.25W blue lasers (regular pointers are about 5 mW) pointed at the iPhone 5 all at once. The phone from Cupertino doesn’t enjoy the heat but keeps on ticking, despite the melted spot on the screen. But it’s done in completely by the company’s Torch, a 4,100 Lumen behemoth flashlight that eats through its batteries in 5 minutes of operation.

It’s an obvious marketing ploy, but we don’t care so much when we’re mildly entertained.

VIA [ Geeky Gadgets ]

Here’s A Security System That Does Absolutely No Securing

Most security systems/alarms do a very specific job: they detect forceful entry, sound an alarm, and contact the authorities. Yet, despite their existence, thieves are still plying their trade almost completely unhindered; it really doesn’t take a whole lot of time to smash a window, grab some things, and run. The LaserScan security system takes a different approach to the issue: deterrence. The system itself doesn’t do a thing. It doesn’t contact a security central, the cops or anyone. It doesn’t even detect unauthorized entry. All it does is look really menacing by projecting a set of moving laser beams all around the inside of your home. Seen from the outside, it looks to the robber like he’s not up against your run of the mill security system, but some kind of weird Hollywood-like setup. Will he be trapped inside? Gassed? Zapped? Who knows?! Better try the next house over. And a theft not attempted, is a theft not accomplished.

It’s $200 and we quite frankly believe it a better option that traditional systems out there. Until word gets out and the thieving community catches on. So, the ideal would be a combination of both: a deterring laser system that actually works. There’s a hole in the market here, folks…

Video and links, as always, after the jump.

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This Meat Slicer Gets Equal Slices, Every Time, With Frikkin Lasers!

By David Ponce

Butchers are pretty masterful sometimes, but a human hand will never be as precise as a machine. And the above Natsune Libra 165C is one scary mother. It is able to make slices of meat that are of perfectly equal weight, every time, and it does so by using lasers. Yes, the lasers do the cutting. Big deal you say? Ok: it makes up to 100 slices a minute! First the uncut meat goes through their 3D laser scanner. Once the scanning is done, the machine gets to cutting; it ensures equal slices by varying the thickness of the slice, based on its initial scan and known densities of meat. While it could be used for several types of meat, it specializes in pork. Specifically (at least judging from the video) pork chops.

But the Natsune Libra 165C is clearly not the kind of machine you’ll have at home. Or even in a restaurant. It costs $160,000 for one. And it’s pretty darn big. We imagine that large scale meat processing centres would love them, and they’ll get their chance at ownership at the end of this month.

[ DigInfo ] VIA [ DVice ]

Ever Wonder What A Laser Tattoo Removal Procedure Looks Like?

By David Ponce

Half sleeve tattoo going away. 5 to 15 treatments and it’s a goner, they say. But looking at the above video, we’re left amazed at the technology’s abilities. It’s like removing stuff from a dry-erase board. We knew this existed, but seeing it being done for the first time it pretty impressive. And yeah, old video but we’re betting a lot of you have never seen anything quite like this.

Also, we hear it’s very, very painful.

VIA [ Reddit ]

FDA Approves The LipoControl Laser Fat Removal System Which Means It Probably Won’t Cut Your Arms And Legs Off

LipoControl Laser Fat Removal System (Image courtesy Osyris Medical)
By Andrew Liszewski

Last year we brought you the CoolSculpting system which disposed of fat cells under the skin by non-invasively freezing them. The LipoControl system is essentially used for exactly the same purpose, but uses the ‘pewpew’ power of lasers instead. To be specific, a 980nm laser diode is used to bust up fat deposits under the skin (it’s still an invasive procedure to a degree) but the system provides real-time visualization and feedback of the area being treated. It even tracks the speed of the doctor’s cannula, applying more or less power to the laser as they move it faster or slower so that it’s always at the optimal treatment level.

LipoControl Laser Fat Removal System (Image courtesy Osyris Medical)

And since I’m no fatatician I don’t feel like I’m qualified to question how effective the procedure is, but it looks to me like after 3 months the machine has only really succeeded in adjusting that woman’s undergarments. Still though, if you’ve ever tried to adjust them yourself you know how difficult that can be and you’ll realize what an important innovation this really is.

[ Osyris Medical’s LipoControl Laser Fat Removal System ] VIA [ Medgadget ]