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Deal Of The Day: 52% Off On X-Presenter Smart


You’re looking at a pretty cool presentation tool. The X-Presenter Smart comes with a USB dongle, and a laser pointer that inserts into a phone’s audio jack. With the related application, you’ll be able to “start and stop presentations, forward and backtrack slides, or even turn the screen black to focus attention back on the speaker.”

X-Presenter SMART is a free and complete presentation app that allows you to control onscreen presentation programs including PowerPoint and Keynote.

With amazing app features like Mouse Mode, the smartphone screen acts as a touchpad to move the mouse cursor, click on links, right-click, and scroll up and down.

It also comes with a plug-and-play USB dongle to be used with the Smart App to get your presentation rolling in just a click. The USB dongle is super compact and allows for seamless communication between your device and presentation at hand.

That’s a pretty useful tool to have, all the more so because it’s just $24 today. If there are any college students reading this… guys, this is going to be useful this semester. Just sayin’.

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That’s A Shark With A Frikin’ Laser… Pointer On Its Head


If you’re giving a presentation and whip this puppy out and no one laughs, you need to give presentations to people with a better sense of humour. It’s a laser pointer shaped like a shark with a laser on its head. It’s brilliant, and it’s just $15. Sure, it’s a novelty item, but we think that it would provide just the right amount of levity while you’re discussing the finer details of superstring theory to a doubtlessly enraptured audience.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ NerdApproved ]