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BatteryBox Will Keep Your MacBook Air Running For 12 Hours


Ever been on a 15 hour flight? It’s gruelling and having some kind of entertainment (besides whatever questionable selection of movies are on board) is essential to live through it. The MacBook Air, much as it does have stellar battery life, will run dry. But if you bring this BatteryBox, it’ll provide enough power for an additional 12 hours of runtime. If you pack a MacBook Pro, that’s still 6 hours extra. Note that it won’t actually charge your battery, but will power the laptop directly. BatteryBox does have a Magsafe2 output so you can plug it directly into the machines, though there’s a USB adapter if ever you need to power something that uses that.

Finally, this little 12,000mAh/50Whr box can go through 3,000 full charge cycles and still retain 96% of its capacity after 5 years. That’s some durability, which more than justifies the $139 asking price, in our opinion.

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Mobile AirDesk Brings The Comfort Of A Desktop To Laptop Users

Slate-Mobile-Airdesk There’s no point in going on about how great laptops are, but obviously the convenience comes at the cost of a few tradeoffs. Your legs can get hot and sweaty and if you want to use a mouse, you’re out of luck. Instead of forcing you to find a desk, the Mobile AirDesk brings it to you. Made from bamboo, this slab lets you have the best of both worlds:

The Slate is cut from a block of pure, premium bamboo. It’s ultra lightweight, super strong, and it will absorb the heat from your laptop. The curves, air ventilation, and docking station are chiseled, hand-sanded, and polished to mirror the feeling of glass. A super thick and heavy duty mouse pad is installed and sits flush against the surface of the slate.

There’s even a slot to slide your phone in. It’s a popular product, having gone over their funding goal almost twenty fold. If you want to get your hands on one, it’ll set you back $98.


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DIY: Pi-to-Go Is A Portable Raspberry Pi Mini-Laptop

The beauty of the Raspberry Pi, in case you don’t know, is not only that it’s a full-featured PC not much larger than a credit card, but also that it’s so darn cheap: $25 for the base model, $35 for more RAM and a few extra features. It’s great, but it’s also barebones. Its potential is unleashed in projects like the above from one Nathan Morgan, called the “Pi-to-Go”, and which involves a custom-built, 3D printed case and extra parts to build a fully portable mini-laptop.

[The] 3D printed case is made up of 5 sections. The Portable Raspberry Pi-to-Go computer has a 64GB SATA II SSD, 4GB SD card and rechargeable battery with 10 hours of backup stuffed inside. The only put down about the awesome Pi-to-Go by Nathan is its very small screen and poor resolution – the 3D printed computer casing features a 3.5-inch 4:3 LCD display with 640 x 480 pixel resolution.

Nonetheless, Nathan has taken great care to make it an extraordinary device. He has the Pi-to-Go designed with a small USB keyboard with built-in touchpad mouse attached to the screen, much like a laptop. The device has build-in WiFi and Bluetooth and uses a 6cell 48WH Dell Latitude D600 laptop battery with standard 9 pin connector.

The cost for the parts came up to $390, excluding the 3D print. This of course is starting to get more expensive than some of the larger laptops on the market currently, but that’s missing the point. If you want to learn how to make your own, hit the jump for links. Also, more pictures.

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Acer Laptop, Meagan Fox, Dolphins. Meagan Fox. Did We Mention Meagan Fox?

So this is a video about Meagan Fox and talking dolphins. There’s an Acer laptop somewhere in there, but really, Meagan Fox. We… we didn’t even watch with the sound on.

We don’t think we missed much.

Meagan Fox 2012!

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Laptop Sleeve To Cost 10,000 Times The Price Of The MacBook Pro It Could “Protect”

By David Ponce

We’ve always wondered what an object covered in 8,800 diamonds would look like, and how much it would cost. Well, you’re looking at it up there, and it costs $11million. Inspired by the infamous IAmRich $999 iPhone app that came out in 2008, Coverbee (the company behind this product) has spent the time since “perfecting” the sleeve. They needed to find a way to make sure the diamonds would stay put and that the sleeve itself wouldn’t scratch the laptop its supposed to be protecting. To this end, they fitted the opening with rare black sable fur from Siberia. Each one of its diamonds is graded VS clarity and F in colour and has its own certificate of authenticity. And if you have the cash and decide to buy, it’ll be shipped to you “by a prominent Secure Logistics company, that is normally used to carry gold bars and bank notes of the Federal Bank.”

We have a feeling this could be a hoax of some kind, simply because of some of the things said in the description of the product. Hard to explain what, other than saying it’s a hunch. Still, in case it’s an actual product, you have to get in touch with Coverbee directly to place an order (as opposed to, say, pressing a couple buttons on an ebusiness website).

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This Pretty Bamboo Case Is For The MacBook Pro

By David Ponce

Even though we don’t make a point to specifically look for trends at OhGizmo, we can’t help but notice them now and then. One that’s been rearing its head quite often lately is the use of bamboo in the world of consumer electronics. We believe it’s fuelled by a combination of factors: the push for greener, more eco-friendly products combined with the desire for a natural counterpoint to the industrial onslaught of traditional gadget design.

The Silva case is made from 100% Solid Carmel Bamboo, has a hand crafted leather strap which is also hand burnished and oiled, has a wool felt-lined interior and has a hand rubbed, hard, glass-like finish. We imagine it’s all the hand work that justifies the steep $179-$315 (depending of size and destination) asking price. But one thing is for sure, you will definitely stand out when toting your workstation in this. Vanity, as much as anything else, is a known feature of the Apple buyer.

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Redefining Portability, Origin’s New EON17-X Desktop Replacement Laptop Packs A Wallop

By David Ponce

Let’s get the important parts out of the way: Origin’s EON17-X gaming laptop is a fat bastard. It weighs 12 lbs. That’s the weight of 4 MacBook Airs. If laptops were people, it would be Eric Cartman’s fatter evil twin. We say evil because nothing that packs this much computing power and allows itself to be transported (however uncomfortably) can possibly be up to anything good. Inside this behemoth you can find the following: Intel X79 chipset with 2nd generation Intel Hexcore processors, dual overclocked NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580M Graphics Cards in SLI configuration and up to 32GB of RAM. Six core processor, dual graphics cards in SLI? In a “laptop”. Well, yes, that’s what you’re looking at. Plus a 17.3 inch 1080p screen and a customizable backlit keyboard.

Along with the hefty weight comes the hefty pricetag. System configurations start at $3,159. We won’t start the “for that price you could…” comparisons because really, if you’re considering this, you’ve got the kind of disposable income that would make you laugh at our reservations.

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The TILT Stand For MacBook Pro Looks Awesome

By David Ponce

Laptops should be called lapburners: there aren’t many models that don’t get at least a little hot. Of course there’s a ton of stands on the market that aim to keep your legs and privates cooler but most add bulk, simply elevate the machine and don’t look all that great. Well, the TILT is a Kickstarter project that we feel will take off. It’s a stand made specifially for the MacBook Pro that clips right into the base and features passive and active cooling. Made to look as if it was part of the machine it aims to cool, it adds only 0.6″ of thickness but will actively push hot air out the back if you connect it to a free USB plug. No plug free? That’s ok, because even without active cooling, the TILT will keep your MacBook Pro off your lap. There’s even a standard 1/4″-20 tripod thread for remote mounting.

It will retail for $55 once on the market, but you can pre-order it now for $45 and contribute to making this project a reality. As of this writing, they’ve raised $2,236 of the $8k they’re after with over a month left. Yeah, this thing will sell.

Hit the jump for a few more pictures and a link.

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Acer Introduces New Aspire Ethos Laptops With Removable Trackpads That Serve As Multimedia Remotes

Acer Aspire Ethos Laptops (Image courtesy Akihabara News)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’ve ever had to troubleshoot a friend’s laptop, there’s a good chance it was probably a budget Acer model. To say I’m not impressed with their lower-end models is an understatement, and I hope the build quality is vastly improved with their premium models, because the latest versions of their Aspire Ethos laptops look rather slick. Available in a 15.6-inch (5951G) and an 18.4-inch (8951G) model the laptops sport 1366×768 or 1920×1080 resolution screens respectively, and their frameless displays are protected by a panel of Tonka-tough Corning Gorilla Glass.

They also each feature 2nd gen Intel Core i processors, 750GB hard drives, support for up to 16GB of ram, USB 3.0 ports, optional Blu-ray drive and a new battery that promises to retain 80% of its capacity for over 1,000 charge cycles. But what really sets the new Aspire Ethos models apart is the trackpad which features an LCD display underneath for custom functionality. It can also be detached from the laptop and used as a multimedia remote, in portrait or landscape modes which switch automatically thanks to a built in orientation sensor. And I suspect that travelers will particularly like the fact that both laptops can be used to charge another device over USB without having to power up the laptop. To ensure it doesn’t completely kill your battery, the USB charging option is disabled when your battery level drops below a user-defined level. Available mid-June starting at ~$1,600+ (£999).

[ Akihabara News - Acer debuts new Aspire Ethos laptops ]