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Your Kid’s Gonna Love You, Man: This Is Just The Laptop He Wanted!

By David Ponce

Then he’ll grow up and realize what a cheap bastard you were, and hate you forever (worth it!). Seems like a great kind of prank to play on some child to us. See, the iWood Laptop is nothing more than a chalkboard shaped into what looks like a portable computer: two pieces of plywood, a couple hinges and some machining, and presto! The area that would normally have a trackpad is recessed and holds… the chalk, of course.

It’s $55.

[ Some German Product Page ] VIA [ Gadget Review ]

AviiQ PQS Is The Smallest Laptop Stand You’ll Find

By Chris Scott Barr

Laptops are great to have on the go, since you can’t haul around your desktop for very obvious reasons. Of course, laptops themselves aren’t always the most ergonomic things to use, and they get a bit toasty. Thus, a laptop stand can prove a useful tool, if you can find the right one. Most are bulky, which makes them difficult to carry around. So what’s the point in having a stand that you can’t carry around? That’s where AViiQ comes in.

Their latest laptop stand is the smallest that I’ve ever seen. The Portable Quick Stand doesn’t look like it would do much at first glance, with its small size and lack of fans. However, the fact that it raises your notebook off of whatever surface you’re using will greatly increase airflow, which will keep your computer running much cooler. Also, the angle at which the laptop sits will provide a more comfortable typing position for your wrists. When not in use, it folds up to only 3/8 of an inch thick, which means you won’t have any trouble finding room for it in your bag. Best of all, it’s only going to set you back $40 when it launches later this spring.

[ AViiQ ]

Turn Your Laptop Keys Into LEGOs

By Chris Scott Barr

LEGOs were a staple in almost every geek’s childhood. I still have mine, and continue to collect more over time. If you’re an exceptionally devoted LEGO fan, why not transform your laptop’s keyboard into a set of those wonderful little bricks?

An Etsy user named openandclose has offered up sets of stickers that look like LEGO bricks. Stick these on your keys and you’ll be overcome with nostalgia every time you pull out your laptop. A set will only run you $15, and the creator says that they’ll easily come off and not leave a mess, should you choose not to use them.

[ Etsy ] VIA [ Gearfuse ]

MSI Wind U160 Now Available


By Evan Ackerman

My favorite netbook company, MSI, has just announced the retail availability of their latest and greatest extra portable and extra cheap laptops: the Wind U160. Besides a redesigned svelte exterior, the U160 brings along a 1.66 GHz Atom N450 and a shocking 15 hours of battery life. Even if you figure that you’ll only get 50% of that in normal use (which, in my experience, is what it works out to most of the time), that’s still a solid day’s worth of juice. The rest of the specs are what you’ve come to know and tolerate from netbooks, including the gig of ram, 250gb HD, LED backlit WSVGA screen, crappy integrated graphics, and blah blah blah. Oh, and Windows 7.

On a personal note, the only reason I’m not buying myself a U160 is that my U100 is still running like a champ after a couple years and multiple oopsies. I can only hope that the U160 offers a similar amount of dependability (plus relatively easy access to the HD and RAM) in this new form factor.

The MSI Wind U160 is available now at Fry’s, and online at and Newegg, for $380.

[ MSI Wind U160 ]

[CES 2010] Asus NX90 Laptop Has Two Touchpads, Still Missing One


By Evan Ackerman

I’m not entirely sure that more equals better when it comes to touchpads, but Asus seems to think so, and at their CES press conference today they were showing off their NX90, a gigantic 18.4″ quad core laptop sporting two touchpads, one on each side of the keyboard. The touchpads aren’t specifically designed to be used simultaneously, and I guess in some cases their placement might be a little bit more convenient than the standard low-center placement, but that would take a lot of getting used to. Plus, the rest of the laptop just looks naked.

You might also notice those huge Bang & Olufsen speakers that look like they were stuck to the sides of the laptop as an afterthought. Their size ensures that you’re going to get better than the average laptoppy sound out of the computer, but from what I managed to hear through the crowd of screaming journalists, it’s not as great as you might expect from components of their size. And for $2500ish, you’re probably expecting greatness. This is just a demo unit, though, so the production version (expected in February) could incorporate some improvements.

And once again, I can’t believe it’s actually pronounced “ay-SOOS.”

Mount Your Laptop On A Tripod


By Chris Scott Barr

Most amateur photographers aren’t known to directly use their laptops when shooting pictures. However, professionals will sometimes hook their camera up to a notebook so that they can see immediate results on a large screen. As you can imagine, not all situations make it easy to keep a laptop situated near your camera. Well now you can have a flat surface for your laptop anywhere you can set a tripod.

The Tallyn Series Laptop Deck attaches to your tripod (you’ll need a really good tripod for this, not your $20 Walmart special) and will hold a laptop at the angle you desire. It is adjustable and holds laptops up to 17-inches and 8 lbs. The deck will set you back $85, which is a small price to pay for the convenience it will bring.

[ Tallyn’s ] VIA [ Crave ]

Artmu Laptop Sleeves Double As Mouse Pad


By Chris Scott Barr

When you take your laptop out of its sleeve or case, what do you do with said holder? I generally set it down next to me and ignore it until I either need something out of it, or am ready to put my laptop away again. Well one company is trying to make their laptop sleeves a little more useful while you’re on your computer.

The Artmu laptop sleeves unzips into a flat surface. You set your laptop on one side, while the other can be used as a mouse pad. Granted, in most cases you don’t really need a mouse pad, but on the occasion that you’re working on a reflective surface it will really come in handy. The sleeves come in a variety of sizes and colors, starting at around $15.

[ Artmu ] VIA [ Aving ]

A Snugli Baby Carrier For Your Laptop?

By Jonathan Kimak

Like the majority of laptop owners, I want to be able to use my laptop absolutely everywhere I go. However, I’m not so sure I want to be able to use it while walking down the road blissfully unaware of that approaching pick-up truck headed right for me. But what do I know.

The people at Think Geek have created the Connect-A-Desk Laptop Holder that they sell for $40. It includes a laptop harness and a “desk” which is essentially a board fitted to the harness that allows you to stand and type with both hands instead of doing the awkward one hand holding the laptop and the other hand pecking away at the keys.

For the standing part the laptop desk looks OK and could be useful when you are in standing room only situations and need to take notes or see the latest videos from this year’s E3. But when the site suggests that you can walk around and type with this it makes me cringe at the catastrophes bound to happen. It’s already easy enough to get distracted with little cell phones, PDAs and mp3 players. A full sized laptop with DVD movies and games could have you successfully save your character by jumping over a dark chasm, while you fall down a real chasm.

Caveat Geektor.

[ Think Geek ] VIA [ TechEBlog ]