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When It Rains It Pours: Apple To Sue Kodak

By David Ponce

Once again proving that lawyers will likely never run out of work, news surfaces that Apple may be suing already bankrupt Kodak. It was not one month ago that Kodak was announcing it was placing itself under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, though it was continuing operations somewhat normally through a $950million round of financing through Citigroup. As part of its restructuring efforts, Kodak announced it was leaving the digital camera market and would focus on monetizing its trove of patents. It’s over some of these that Apple is now itching to sue. The Cupertino company claims that it it is the rightful owner of some digital camera-related patents that Kodak had claimed for itself, and which it had used as collateral for that very $950million financing. Apple is now asking the bankruptcy judge for permission to go forward with the suit, though it is not obligated to do so.

It really looks like Apple may be kicking a dead horse, though with $5.1billion in listed assets (and an unfortunate $6.8billion in debt), Kodak’s carcass is far from cold.

[ Bloomberg Article ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]

Pocket Camcorders Out There, Watch Out: Kodak Releases Ultra Competitive Zi8


By David Ponce

Kodak just took a big swipe at the pocket camcorder market with the release of the Zi8. Get this: it’s got 1080p recording along with face tracking, image stabilization, an external mic jack and a 2.5-inch LCD (0.5 inch bigger than its main competitor). You’ll of course be able to upload videos directly to YouTube but unlike competitors, to Facebook as well. Recording is dumped on SD cards, which are a dime a dozen these days and can give you limitless recording time while on the go. Not so with the Flip UltraHD, which has limited internal memory.

Best part? It should retail for all of $179, a full $20 less than the aforementioned camcorder (which we reviewed here, by the way), which does 720p “only”.

It’s nice to see Kodak isn’t just sitting around crying that the core they built their business on is disappearing, but are actually doing something to remain competitive.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Crunchgear ]

Say Farewell To Kodachrome Film


By Chris Scott Barr

I won’t pretend to be a professional photographer, but I have taken a few good shots here and there. Growing up in the digital age, I never really dealt much with film cameras, except with my old point-and-shoot camera from when I was a kid. I know that I’m missing out, having never shot anything with Kodachrome film. Unfortunately it looks like I won’t have many opportunities in the future either.

Kodak has announced that they are ending production of their Kodachrome film. While many photographers swear by the colors produced by Kodachrome, it only amounts for around 1% of all still film sold by the company. It’s difficult to describe how it is different from other still films, but you’ll probably at least recognize this photo, which was taken with it. If you happen to stock up on this stuff, you’ll want to use it up and have it developed by next year sometime. Currently Dwayne’s Photo in Parsons Kansas is the last place that still processes it, and they will only continue to do so through 2010.

[ Kodak ] VIA [ Crave ]

Kodak Announces S730 Digital Frame


By Shane McGlaun

I like digital photo frames and each time someone comes to my house that doesn’t own a digital frame, they leave wanting one. With digital frames, I can display images of the kids and other events without having to print off gobs of pictures and find a place to put the pictures on my wall.

Kodak has announced a new digital photo frame called the Easyshare S730, but has left out some important details about the device. The import bits missing are exactly how large the screen of the frame is and what the frame looks like. Pricing for the frame will be $139 and it will ship in September.

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