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Kniterate Brings Industrial-Style Personalized Knitwear To The Home

It’s one thing to learn how to sew, and it’s quite another to be able to customize the fabric with which you put your garments together. Up until now, if you wanted a particular pattern of material, you’d either have to crochet the darn thing, or pore over heaps of catalogues in the hopes to find what suits you. The Kniterate is a knitting machine that accepts pretty much any design you can throw at it, and recreates it for you in real life. You can either pick your patterns from pre-made templates, or create your own These then get output onto a knitting bed that’s 29 inches wide. The stitch density can easily be changed and up to 6 spools of yarn allow for extremely colorful patterns.

Granted, even though you can have this at home, with a starting price of $4,600 it’s not for the casual designer. If you’re building your design studio and wish to stand out early on though, you might want to give this a good look.

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Cabbage Patch Kids Knitted Hats


If you grew up in the 80’s and now have kids, you have to do yourself a favour and get one of these. Knitted by one ‘TheLilliePad’ on Etsy, they’ll set you back between $32 and $38. Alternatively, you could buy the pattern for all of $6. Take into consideration that due to increased demand, you may end up waiting a while for them, during which you may as well take up some crocheting lessons…

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Here’s A Knitted Death Star

By David Ponce

This won’t be the first time we’ve brought you a cool crocheted creation. Only this time, it’s the Death Star. You guys know you’re gonna miss a few meetings at the Stitch and Bitch club to get this done, right?

Best part, the pattern is free to download.

(Disclaimer: no one at OhGizmo! has ever been near a needle. For reals. At least, not a crochet needle. Heck, we don’t even know the difference between crochet and knitting… Alls we know is tis’ a Death Star)

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