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Pandito Panda Mask: Look Like an Adorable Creeper

Panda Mask

This has probably got to be the most adorable ski mask ever. Dubbed as the Pandito, this balaclava will transform the wearer into a panda-esque bandit of sorts, providing ample protection against the harsh cold and the elements. Whether you’re going hiking or skiing or running a few errands outdoors, the Pandito makes it anything but blandito (pardon the forced pun!)

Slide on our brand new Pandito balaclava and boost your Tai Chi skills to level 11. Comes in handy when flying wuxia style through bamboo forests with Ziyi Zhang. Continue Reading

The Force is With This 30-Foot ‘Star Wars’ Tapestry

Star Wars Tapestry

If you love something, then whatever you do, no matter how tiring it is, becomes a labor of love. This is the case with artist Aled Lewis and the Coruscant Tapestry, the 30-foot Star Wars-themed tapestry that he knitted over a span of six months. It’s crammed with Jedi goodness and loads of Wookies, droids, wampas, Sith Lords, and of course, everyone’s favorite grand master Jedi, Yoda, along with highlights from the franchise that die-hard fans will be able to identify in a jiffy.

Every stitch on the Klostern fabric was made by hand and Aled’s attention to detail is amazing. Not only that, but he also sewed in some quotes written in Aurebesh.Continue Reading

‘My Knitted Boyfriend’ Bodysuit Turns Any Guy Into Your Knitted Boyfriend

My Knitted Boyfriend2

I’ve seen my fair share of kooky bodysuits, but this one is just ridiculous. Ridiculously funny, that is. It’s called ‘My Knitted Boyfriend’ and it was created lovingly by Noortje de Keijzer. It’s not the only one of its kind, as Noortje has said that she has already knitted two of these ‘so far’. You can probably expect more knitty men to come your way when she finds the time to knit them.

It’s only proper that they get names, since they’re knitted boyfriends and all. Knitted on September 14th, 2011, Arthur has white skin, dark brown hair, and black knickers. Knitted two weeks later was Steve, who has dark brown skin, black hair, and beige knickers.

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