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Pop Art Toaster Prints Happy Messages On Your Toast

By Chris Scott Barr

Are you one of those people who is always chipper first thing in the morning? I can say with confidence that I am not. Thankfully, I work a late shift, so I rarely see mornings these days. And yes, for some reason waking up in the afternoon is much easier, despite getting the same amount of sleep. Anyway, if you love mornings as much as I do, why not get a toaster that feels the same way?

This Pop Art Toaster is a novelty at best, but it may serve to put a smile on your face. You see, whenever you put in a piece of toast, it get a happy little picture or phrase burnt into it. Things like “Bite Me” or “Ugh” are sure to mimic your own feelings. If you’re actually having a good morning, you can take out the templates for plain, boring toast. Buy one of these for $45 and ThinkGeek will even throw in a USB-powered cup warmer. Because nothing starts the day off wrong like a cold cup of Joe.

[ ThinkGeek ] VIA [ Coolest-Gadgets ]

Toast Strips Stamper Does Exactly What You Think It Does

By Chris Scott Barr

Does anyone remember those French toast sticks that were not only delicious, but mighty convenient? Well, here is a way to turn your toast into toast sticks!

Yes, I will admit this is not the most technologically-advanced or life-changing product, but if I have the option for crust-free strips of toast, you better believe I will take it. Toast is one of the most awesome foods ever, but sometimes, changing up the way you eat it is important. All you have to do is use the toast strips stamper on untoasted bread, and when it’s toasted, they will come apart easy-peasy. Though it was designed for toast, it has a myriad of other uses as well. Crust-less peanut bitter and jelly mini-sandwiches and even French toast sticks to name a few. Definitely a good buy for parents with kids, as we all know how much kids love the crust. If you’re skeptical about a buy like this, keep in mind it’s only $3.99, so you won’t get shot for making this purchase.

[ PerpetualKid ] VIA [ CoolestGadgets ]

Bosch IXO Vino Cordless Screwdriver Doubles As A Wine Opener

By Chris Scott Barr

As a guy, you can never have too many power tools. Unfortunately explaining that to your significant other isn’t always the easiest of tasks. (If it is an easy task, remember that you’re a very lucky guy.) This means that sometimes you have to get creative with your purchases. If you’re in need of a small cordless screwdriver, this might be a good way to sneak one in under the radar.

The Bosch IXO Vino is a cordless screwdriver with a very special attachment. Specifically, a corkscrew that allows you to open wine bottles. That’s right, you can pass this puppy off as a fancy wine opener. Otherwise, it’s a pretty nice little screwdriver with a lithium-ion battery for cordless operation. Unfortunately the $63 price tag seems a bit salty for what it does.

[ Amazon ] VIA [ The Awesomer ]

BoilBuoy Lets You Know When Your Water Is Boiling

By Chris Scott Barr

Cooking isn’t exactly my area of expertise. If it involves more than a single pan to prepare, I’m probably not going to bother with it. Some days I even manage to mess up the simple act of boiling water. Not because it’s a difficult task, mind you. I just tend to wander off and forget about the water until half of it has boiled away. I’d stand there and watch it, but it’s so boring, and I have better things to do with my time than watch water boil. Apparently I need one of these BoilBuoys.

When you put a tea kettle on the stove, it whistles when the water boils. This little thing is based on the same idea. When the water boils, a chime rings out. There’s really not much else to it. The BoilBuoy has a weighted bottom to make it stay upright and is made from food- and heat-safe materials. For $10, I’ll probably buy one.

[ Quirky ] VIA [ RedFerret ]

Smart Faucet Aims To Save Water


By Chris Scott Barr

If you’re all about saving the environment, then you probably go out of your way to conserve energy. However, do you always remember to not waste water as well? I’ll admit that I probably waste  a lot more water than I should, mostly from being lazy. Well if you’re determined to do your part all of the time, here’s one little gadget that will help.

The Smart Faucet is a small lever that you can attach to your faucet. Water will only flow when you have the lever pressed back, thus stopping you from wasting any. If you do need it to stay running, you can flip the lever and it will stay on indefinitely. According to the makers, this device can save up to 5,000 gallons of water per year, per family member. For $40 you can have the peace of mind from knowing you’re doing your part to save the planet. Heck, maybe you’ll shave a bit off of your water bill while you’re at it.

[ Gaiam ] VIA [ Dvice ]

The Tweeting Teakettle Has Gone Too Far


By Chris Scott Barr

I’ll be the first to admit that I hate Twitter. Much like the constant MySpace and Facebook updates that people made before, most tweets are of mundane activities such as grocery shopping and bathroom activities. Well now we can look forward to automated tea-time tweets thanks to this gadget.

This stylish looking teakettle has a sinister secret. Instead of whistling to let you know that it’s ready, it will send out a tweet via WiFi. Really? Have we become so reliant upon technology that we have to have our phone or computer inform us that our tea is ready? Thankfully these guys still need a bit of funding before this technological atrocity is released to the general public. They’re currently aiming for a retail price of around $115.

[ MobileInc ] VIA [ Dvice ]

Toaster Concept Takes Cues From A Printer


By Chris Scott Barr

Your average toaster is a pretty basic kitchen gadget. Put in your toast, select the right setting and push down. As long as you’re making only two (or four depending on the toaster) slices, it does a rather efficient job. Now what if you’re making breakfast for a large group of people? Wouldn’t it be nice to setup a stack of bread and let it do its thing without worrying about it? That’s the idea behind this concept.

The creator obviously had a printer in mind when designing this particular toaster. You can set several pieces of bread at the top, and it will toast them one by one until they are all brown and crispy. Obviously there would need to be a few extra features added before this thing could be marketed to the public. For instance, it looks like there is no way to adjust for different sizes of breads and other toasted goods. Still it’s a cool concept, one that I wouldn’t mind seeing turned into a real product.

[ produktgestaltung ] VIA [ BoingBoing ]

Concept Microwave Lets You Watch YouTube While You Wait


By Chris Scott Barr

Lets say you’re in the kitchen, and you’ve decided to heat something up in the microwave. You’ve got two, maybe three minutes to kill, what do you do with the time? Chances are you’ll just stand there staring at your food as it spins round and round. Well wouldn’t it be cool if you could watch a quick YouTube clip to pass the time? Soon you may be able to do that very thing, right from your microwave.

The Castoven is a working prototype microawave which features a built-in 10.4-inch LCD screen in the door, along with a pair of speakers. When put something I to cook, it finds a random YouTube clip (of a similar length of time) and plays it while your food is cooked. It does however, currently require you to have it hooked up to a computer to work. It’s possible that they may be able build one directly into the unit in the future. No word on whether they plan on releasing this to the public for sale, or if it will simply be another concept gadget to tease us. (Video after the jump.)

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Fridge Locker Keeps Your Food Safe


By Chris Scott Barr

Living with a roommate can be an interesting experience. Splitting the rent and having someone to hang out with all the time can be fun, but fighting over food in the fridge isn’t. Nothing is worse than going into the kitchen, only to find that they’ve taken your last slice of leftover pizza or swiped the last beer. Sure, you’ll talk to them about it, and they’ll claim not to do it again (or that they never did in the first place) but some people never learn. That’s why someone created the Fridge Locker.

The Fridge Locker is a small cage that you use for storing your own private food. The metal combination lock keeps your food safe from “Refrig-A Raiders” (poor joke courtesy of the manufacturer). It measures 7.5” wide, 7.5” tall and 11” deep. At $20, it could easily pay for itself with all of the food it keeps safe. Granted, your roommate will not take kindly to seeing this. Purchase and install at your own risk.

[ Perpetual Kid ] VIA [ RGS ]