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Magnetic Vest Holds Your Tools For You


This is either a great idea, or an accident waiting to happen: it all depends on just how strong the magnets are. The Mag-Vest is being marketed to garage tinkerers for its ability to hold on to your metal tools with strong C8 Grade ceramic magnets, which reportedly can hold up to 10 pounds. If you’re working on something, you might find it more convenient to place some things on your chest, rather than in a tool box nearby or on the side of the hood where they might fall into the engine bay. It’s not a bad idea, but being untested we would worry that the 10 pound claim is optimistic. However, if they’re strong enough to prevent your hammer from flattening your pinky toe, it might be worth the $60 pledge.


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SteadyLaser: A Laser Pointer That Doesn’t Shake, Even When You Do


How badly are you bothered by your shaking hands during a presentation in front of a group of people? If the thought of a crowd being able to see how much you’re trembling fills you with even more embarrassment, only then might you want to consider the $150 SteadyLaser. It incorporates technology similar to the one found in optically stabilized digital cameras:

The mechanism includes a precision balanced two axis gimbal supported by miniature jewel bearings that is stabilized by a tuned magnetic spring and damper system. This allows the laser to move independently from the body of the pointer – so it remains steady even as the housing jitters.

The further away you are from your presentation screen, the more your shaking will be amplified. If money is no concern, the SteadyLaser then seems to be a good purchase. But most people will balk at the thought of paying $150 for something that can be had for $5, minus the stabilizing ability. And this is reflected in the fact that the company’s Kickstarter campaign is sitting at $1,445 from the astronomical $150,000 they are asking. Success seems unlikely, but then again, the world is full of overpriced and dubiously useful products all the same.

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Brick Lamp Doesn’t Have An On/Off Switch


The Brick Lamp is an intriguing looking lamp with a minimalist design whose main “feature” appears to be the absence of a power switch. Instead, you turn the bright LED light on by placing it on its side, and turn it off by placing it face down. Integrated batteries provide up to 5 hours of use on a charge, while a charging cable lets you run the lights indefinitely. It’s great as a desk lamp, night light, or any other type of light that has to be directed at an angle down onto a surface, or straight up at the ceiling. One version is “made from a special mix of cement and fine grain sands. It is cast in a high quality rubber mold to create a super fine and smooth finish”, while the other is made from “an authentic single piece of wood lumber, coated with an all natural eco-friendly clear stain to give it an elegant finish.” They’re meant to look good, while providing a modicum of function, and you can get the concrete version for a $120 pledge, while the wood version will set you back $145.


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Retouch3D Pen Lets You Clean Up Those Messy 3D Prints


Unless you’ve ever owned a 3D printer, you might not know that quite often the objects they spit out contain small imperfections, be it little filaments that stick out, supporting structures that need removing, or stray plastic. Most people have gotten used to applying the finishing touches with sandpaper, razor blades or even irons, but these are all crude. The Retouch3D is a variable-heat pen made specifically for the task of, well, retouching your 3D prints. It can be set at the exact melting points of the various materials used in the printers, from PLA (polylactic acid), ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), resins or even wax. And then the heat can be varied in small increments so you can get exactly the kind of viscosity you’re looking for. Additionally, there are 5 interchangeable heads, allowing you to perform various tasks like removing, refining, or blending.

If you want yours, you’ll have to pledge $149 on their fully-funded Kickstarter campaign, and hope to get it by December, their expected shipping date.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 5.43.17 PM

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Litelok Bike Lock Is Both Lightweight, And Sturdy


Securing your bike in public is a delicate affair. Maybe you want to be super safe, but then you’ll have to carry really heavy U-locks. Or if you care about portability, you might sacrifice some safety. But the Litelok hopes to give you the best of both worlds. Created by one Professor Neil Barron, an industrial designer and entrepreneur with a background in Aeronautics and Astronautics, the flexible lock is made of a newly patented material called Boaflexicore®. It’s made of multiple layers of materials, where “each layer provides additional security, meaning it can withstand sustained attack from tools like cable cutters, bolt croppers and hacksaws.” It’s been tested to exceed “British and International lock quality standards and in-house testing has proven that it takes well over five minutes to cut or break the strap and lock.” It weighs under 1kg (2.2lbs), is 29 inches long, and the lock only requires a key when you’re unfastening it, meaning it takes less time to secure your bike. And its beefy appearance looks like it means business, potentially discouraging would-be thieves before they even try to cut it.

It’s yours for a £80 ($117 USD) pledge, with shipping in August.


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Woolet, The Smart Wallet, Is Packed With Features


We usually refrain from reporting on wallets from Kickstarter, because they’re a dime a dozen and all are pretty boring. The Woolet is different. It features some technology that lets it do stuff most other wallets can’t. It’ll sync up with your phone through Bluetooth, and send you a notification if you ever walk away from it. It also works the other way around: if you leave your phone behind, your wallet will ring! But that’s not where the features stop. If you can’t find Woolet, just launch the app and start looking for it; like a game of hot-or-cold, the app will guide you to it. Better yet, you can press a button and have your Woolet start making an audible alarm. It tracks the wallet’s last location, even if you’ve forgotten the last place you’ve seen it. And there’s even a Crowd Detection function: “with a simple press on your phone, every other Woolet user will start scanning for your lost Woolet. When they get within range, the GPS location is instantly updated to your phone.”

The best part of Woolet? The batteries will never need charging! The company is currently testing kinetic and body-heat charging methods for this. If all goes well (and the project is fully funded, 2,100%), you could receive your Woolet in May, with a $99 pledge.


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Give Any Outlet USB Power With the SnapPower


Almost every mobile electronic device comes with its own wall outlet-to-USB box, be it Apple’s cube or any other manufacturer’s transformer. But let’s face it: you lose the things more often than you misplace your house keys. With the SnapPower, you can easily add a powered USB plug to any of your home’s outlets without having to rewire a thing. Simply unscrew your current cover plate on an existing outlet, and screw the SnapPower instead. Special prongs on the inside will make contact with the wiring screws on either side of the outlet, giving that USB port 1A of juice. The two other receptacles will keep working normally, so it’s all sort of seamless. Considering it’s $14 a pop, it’s feasible to imagine retrofitting your entire home with these at a reasonable cost.


[ Project Page ] VIA [ Gizmag ]

kSafe Is A Smart Jar That Unlocks Only When You Achieve Your Goals


A month ago we wrote about the Kitchen Safe, which was a jar that would only open up after a set amount of time had elapsed, with no overrides. It’s a cool concept, but the kSafe takes that a couple of steps further. Instead of being only time-based, you can also set up two other types of goals: an activity goal and a location goal. This way, you could, say, toss your PS4 controller in there and set it up so that it’ll only release it if you make your way to the library, where you know you have work to do. Or you could put all your cookies in the jar and have it open up only after you’ve walked a certain number of steps. Having those two additional unlocking methods makes the kSafe much more useful and versatile, forcing you to accomplish things you know you have to do but may run out of motivation to accomplish on your own.

The early bird pricing is $79, and it goes up to $89 if you’re slow on the trigger. The Kickstarter isn’t fully funded yet, but if it reaches its target, expect an October delivery date.


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Infitinte USB Is The Modular USB Cable That Never Runs Out Of Ports


You plug a USB cable into your computer, and that’s it for that port: it’s used up and is no longer available. But what if the cable you’re plugging has a port of it own? This means that you could plug yet another cable in, and if that other cable is an Infinite USB cable, then you’ll still have a port free. Matter of fact, you could do this indefinitely, and just keep plugging more and more cables as you require them, creating a modular and expandable USB hub. That’s the premise for the Infinite USB cables, and it’s a cool idea.

The cable is short (8 inches) and isn’t meant to tether your devices from a distance. It’s got a magnetic plug that allows it to fold back on itself for easy transport. And the best part is there is a USB-C version in the works, which could make your life with the new MacBook a lot easier.

It’s a $12 pledge for a MicroUSB and $14 for a Lightning version, with shipping in June.


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