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Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key Looks Like Not-So-Inconspicuous Trouble


If you have your hands in cuffs, there’s a chance that trying to get out of them will only land you in more trouble. The Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key is just what it sounds like: a key that’ll open standard “peerless” cuffs and that is so small it’s unlikely to be noticed on your person as you’re being restrained. It’s intended to be used by law enforcement personnel who’ve been illegally detained, but the company doesn’t make an effort to restrict the sale to them. This means only $13 and a credit card stand between you and the ability to enter a world of hurt we can’t legally recommend to anyone. Heck, legally or not, you really shouldn’t use this if you’ve been stopped by a police officer. Better to just go “hey, that’s pretty neat that this exists!” and move on.

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This Is How Keys Work

We always look at lockpicking tools and rank them right up there alongside magician’s tools; it’s hard to understand how they work if you don’t get how locks themselves work. And then a little GIF comes by and suddenly it all makes sense. Oh, we’re not saying we’d be any more able to pick a lock now that we’ve seen this animation, because knowledge doesn’t equal skill, but we’re sure happy we finally get it. Aren’t you?

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Cufflinks Feature Handcuff Key

If you’re in handcuffs, there’s a chance you’re in them for a good reason and trying to get out of them may end up getting you shot. So, don’t be breaking the law, yeah? But if, let’s say, you’re in cuffs for more benign reasons and want to get out of them, the Sparrows Uncuff Link will help you to freedom. It features a key in one of the pivoting arms that allegedly opens pretty much all Standard Hand cuffs. Of course the act of reaching for them with your hands tied behind your back requires some dexterity, but there you have it. At least you know you can pull some James Bond-like stuff next time the need arises.


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iMpulse Lets You Get Your Game On–And Finds Your Keys, to Boot!


The popularity of mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone has made mobile gaming even more popular. Capitalizing on that is the iMpulse Bluetooth controller, which functions as both a game controller and key finder. It’s not just for the iOS devices either, because it’s also perfectly compatible with the Android.

The iMpulse’s compact size makes it easy to attach to your keychain, so you can take it with you anywhere and whip it out when you’re ready to play, anytime you want to. It also functions as a key finder in cases when you happen to misplace your keys. Just fire up the iMpulse key finder app on your phone, hit ‘Locate’, and the iMpulse will sound an alarm so you can locate it (and your keys.)

Hit the jump for a video showing off the iMpulse in action!

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