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Drunk for Justice: Justice League Beers

Justice League Beer

Ever wondered what superheroes did to unwind? They probably went out on trips or pretended to be mere civilians for a change. Or they could be huge beer fans and brew booze whenever they get the chance…or not.

These Justice League-inspired beer bottle designs were created by graphic designer Marcelo Rizzetto. Each one features a superhero’s iconic logo and is given an appropriate name, based on who inspired them. For example, Batman’s is dark ale beer with his bat logo splashed across the bottle, while Superman’s is pale lager that’s dubbed “Super Strong Beer.”Continue Reading

Don’t Mess With Nuclear: ‘Injustice League’ Takes Over North Korea’s Bills

Injustice League0

Remember the defaced US dollar bills featuring the Justice League? As tensions in the real world rise, things escalate in terms of currency as well, as North Korea’s bills have been defaced to feature the bad guys that have been collectively dubbed as the ‘Injustice League.’

The artistic series by German artist Aslan Malik transforms each denomination of the North Korean Won into a portrait of a supervillain from DC Comics, including the likes of Two Face, Joker, Bane, the Penguing, and Doomsday. Hit the break to check out the complete series.

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