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Clear Classic USB Joystick: A Joy For Your Poor Wrists


By Gaurav Kheterpal

Anyone who has played Atari games will relish those old school gaming memories forever. You might well remember it due to the misery of the so called “Joy”stick, which was painful and at times, impossible to use. It used to be a monumental task to move the stick away from the center to either side.

Still, Retro Thing have re-fashioned the old school Joystick by adding a USB interface to it so you can hook it up to your PC or Mac. It ships with the Stella Atari 2600 Emulator and 80 old school games including Pacman 4K and Lady Bug.

The Clear Classic USB Stick is priced at $30 and is bound to take you back the old school gaming memory lanes with loads of ‘joy’.

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E3 2009 – Hands-on With The Logitech Flight System G940

By Chris Scott Barr

Yesterday Logitech launched their new Flight System G940, which looks awesome from the pictures. However, this is one of those products that you really have to get your hands on to really understand. I’ve never flown a plane (or anything else for that matter) so I have no real basis for comparison. However, if I were flying something, this is exactly what I’d want it to feel like.

I’ve used quite a few joysticks in the past, but this is the first that actually has rudder pedals which adds a whole new dimension to the game. Add in the dual throttles and the force-feedback and you’ve got yourself one hell of a setup. One of the best features about joystick itself the lack of springs. Instead it is handled entirely by small servos and motors, which makes handling so much smoother than your average stick. $300 is pricey, but if you’re an enthusiast it might be worth finding the cash.

Logitech Unveils Force Feedback Flight System


By Shane McGlaun

Logitech has been making force feedback controllers for PC and console gamers for years. One of the best force feedback racing wheels ever made, the G25, comes from Logitech. Flight simulations are one of the areas where force feedback is most interesting but Logitech has never offered a force feedback joystick until now.

Logitech has announced its Flight System G940 that includes a joystick, throttle, and rudder pedals. There are more than 250 programmable buttons thanks to shift modes to ensure virtual pilots never have to take their hands off the controls.

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