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LazyHusband App Does the Talking for Lazy Husbands

Lazy Husband

There are some things that women need to hear over and over again before they believe it. Some guys are patient enough to repeat affirmatives and reassurances each and every time, while the clever ones have found a way to save their breaths with the Lazy Husband app. It’s basically an audio recording app that lazy husbands and boyfriends can use to record and play common phrases and compliments so they won’t have to keep repeating themselves.

Wives and girlfriends are bound to find out that they’re listening to a recording instead of the real thing, but they won’t mind (at least, not that much) if they have a sense of humor.

You can download the Lazy Husband app from Google Play.

Kickstartin’ Terror: COBRA Needs Your Help to Rebuild Cobra Island

Cobra Kickstarter

Think you’ve seen the last of Cobra? Think again. They’re getting ready to wreak terror once more, but before they can do that, they need to rebuild their secret headquarters that was destroyed by GI Joe. Unfortunately, that’s going to require a whole lot of money–money that the Cobra organization doesn’t have. Rallying behind them are their colleagues Destro and Dr. Mindbender, but they can’t spare that much cash as well.

The solution? Kickstarter.

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Ultimate Toilet Prank: Octopus Tentacle Plunger Lets You Scare the Crap Out of People

Octopus Tentacle Plunger1

Plungers. You can’t live without them, especially if you’ve got crappy plumbing, and you can’t live with them, if you’ve got a weak heart and believe that octopuses will invade your home via toilet one day. Of course, the previous statement only applies if you’re considering the Octopus Tentacle plunger, which looks amusing in the light but infinitely scarier in the dark.

Imagine walking into the bathroom in the middle of the night and opening the cover–only to have a huge-ass tentacle spring out at you. If it were me, I’d probably run away, screaming my head off (and giving the prankster who planted the plunger a good swift kick on the behind, if I catch who did it.)

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Where’s Chuck Norris? Google Gets In On the Joke–Well, Sort Of

Chuck Norris Joke

Heard any good Chuck Norris jokes lately? No? Well, I have a couple for you. Before I pelt you with jokes, you’re probably already familiar with all the Norris-themed jokes and memes that are all over the Web these days. Never mind the whys and just enjoy the fact that we live in a Norris-dominated world these days. And he’s taking over Google.

Well, no, not really. Rather, a joke site has come up with a pretty creative way of showcasing the might of Chuck Norris. We won’t spoil too much for you, but instead, here’s what we want you to do:

1. Head on over to
2. Type ‘Where is Chuck Norris?’ in the search field.
3. Click on the first result you get.
4. Laugh. (We didn’t really need to tell you to do this now, did we?)

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