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This Ring Is Carved Straight Out Of A Diamond — 150 Carats’ Worth

By David Ponce

The above is not a gadget, not exactly new, but it is all kinds of amazing. It’s the creation of Mohamed Shawesh, President and CEO of Shawish Jewelry. It could be called “the world’s first diamond ring” and it wouldn’t be a lie. very other “diamond ring” out there is really a “ring of gold, studded with diamonds.” This on the other hand, well is a ring that’s been carved entirely from a giant diamond. Using lasers and traditional diamond cutting and polishing techniques, the ring weighs in at an impressive 150 carats. A year went into its making and its design is copyrighted, much like the shape of the Coke bottle is. It’s expected to sell for $70 million, though it was recently on display at Baselworld, leading us to believe that it has found no buyer. Yet.

[ Company Website ] VIA [ BornRich ]

Halo 3 Fan? How’s a Halo 3 Ring Grab Ya?


By David Ponce

New Zealand artists have created this massive sterling silver ring shaped like Master Chief’s Mark IV Spartan Helmet that comes in sizes ranging from 6 1/2 to 12 1/2. Engraved on the inside of the ring is a Halo 3 logo and the piece will set you back a cool NZD$275, which translates into about $180 greenbacks. That’s a good amount of change for silver, but hey, when you’re a fan, you’re a fan.

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