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Personal Jetpack Going Into Production, May Actually Be Affordable


By Evan Ackerman

When we posted our last update on the Martin Jetpack Ductedfanpack about a year ago, they were looking at producing around 10 units at $100,000 each. In that quantity and price, it didn’t seem like something that was particularly realistic. At the end of last month the Telegraph reported that Martin Aircraft Company had teamed up with an unnamed international aircraft company, and that the new partnership had secured enough capital to begin producing 500 jetpacks a year at a cost of around $75,000 each. Yes, it’s a lot, but come on, it’s a personal jetpack, and it may actually be a practical one too:

-No pilot’s license required
-Runs on premium gas from a gas station
-30 mile range at 60 mph, 8000 ft ceiling
-Includes low altitude ballistic parachute for safety

It’s certainly not the sexy sci-fi jetpack of the future yet, but I mean, it works, and you can actually buy one (quite soon, anyway) for a not entirely crazy amount of money.

[ Martin Jetpack ] VIA [ Telegraph ]

Jetpack Fails To Make First Intercontinental Flight


By Evan Ackerman

When it comes to the future, I don’t care that much about flying cars… Just get me a jetpack. We’ve been following Yves Rossy’s flying jet wing for about a year, and on Wednesday, he tried to fly from Europe to Africa across the straits of Gibraltar, a distance of about 23 miles.

He, um, didn’t quite make it, suffering a “wing malfunction” (whatever that means) just minutes into the flight (he himself was fine):

Yeah, so that last part kinda sucks, but the first part looks incredibly awesome. I still want one.

[ Telegraph ] VIA [ DVICE ]

Put This In The Garage Next To The Lamborghini

By Jonathan Kimak

Jetpacks have always seemed extremely cool, even if the prospect of going hundreds of miles an hour with only a set of goggles protecting you from a speck of dust that could gouge your eyes out. Yesterday a real jetpack was revealed to the people at the Experimental Aircraft Association’s AirVenture, a weeklong air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

The Martin Jetpack, which is technically classified as an ultralight aircraft, can hover for 30 minutes and can theoretically reach 8,000 feet. So far the jetpack has only gone as high as 6 feet with someone wearing it. No one is allowed to fly this $100,000 machine without having 15 hours of training and a safety screening that presumably keeps the Bond supervillains from getting their hands on one of these.

[ MSNBC ] VIA [ Engadget ]

Video of the jetpack in action after the jump

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