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SiriToggles Expands On What The iPhone’s Assistant Can Do

By David Ponce

The joys of jailbreaking are that it can make your device better. Not three days since the untethered jailbreak for A5 enabled devices was announced that we have news of a cool new app which you can download through Cydia. It’s called SiriToggles and it lets you control system features on your phone. Like setting the screen brightness levels. Or disabling Wifi. You can even launch certain applications with it.

We think these are features that should have been enabled to start with. If you’re going to make a voice controlled assistant, why go halfway? Anyway, it’s available now and if you’re finally getting to enjoy your now free iPhone 4S, why not go ahead and try this out? Just search for it on Cydia.

VIA [ CultOfMac ]