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Japanese Gymnast Game Looks Like Fun For A Few Minutes


We’re not sure about the replay value of the Daisharin Tetsubo-kun Horizontal Bar Gymnast Game, but we can see us spending at least a couple of hours trying to get it right. It’s a tabletop game that only uses two buttons to spin a plastic gymnast on a horizontal bar, and then release it at the right time so it’ll stick its landing. It’s a little bit like a real-life version of QWOP, where you have to coordinate and time your button presses just right if you want to achieve your goal. It does require four AA batteries, and will set you back a pretty substantial $64 to own. But if it’s quirky fun you’re after, it’s money well spent.


[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

Getting Work Done While Laying On Your Back Has Never Been Easier


Laptops, as great as they are, tend to promote uncomfortable sitting positions; if you try to sit any which way you want the darn thing will fall off your lap. But leave it to Thanko to come up with a solution. The Super Gorone Desk is an articulated laptop stand that securely ties your computing device down so that you can enjoy using it in any angle you want. Laying in bed on your back? No problem. On your sofa in front of the TV? Sure! You don’t even have to worry about it falling off when you reach over for the remote that you thoughtlessly threw on the other side of the couch.

Convenience, as always, has a price. The Super Gorone Desk will set you back a cool $128, plus an even cooler $62 for shipping. At that price we’re likely to be ok with a few cramps, and stretching now and then. But then again, maybe you have more disposable income than us.


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‘Ripe Tomato’ Haircut: Now You Can Be a Literal Veg Head

Tomato Hair

There’s nothing wrong with being a veg head–unless you take things too seriously and turn yourself into one literally. That’s what some people in Japan are doing after visiting an Osaka salon called Trick Store. Located at the city’s so-called hipster district in Amemura, a hairstylist named ‘Hiro’ has created one of the most unusual hairstyles we’ve ever seen so far: the ‘Ripe Tomato.’

The hairstyle is basically features a layered cut and a colorful dye job to turn people’s heads into giant man-tomatoes. Oh, the crazy things Japanese hairstylists come up with sometimes.

VIA [ Obvious Winner ]

An Unusual Dessert: Japanese Condom/Boob Ice Cream

Condom Ice Cream

Ever wondered what condom ice cream tastes like? Then wonder no more, because now you can taste it for yourself–if you can get your hands on a Japanese frozen dessert called Gomu Yokki Aisu, that is. (That’s translates to ‘Ice Cream Filled Rubber’ in English, but it’s not being marketed as a condom ice cream in Japan. In my opinion (which many others share, including Youtuber emmymadeinjapan), it looks more like a boob anyway, and ice cream company Kubota agrees, since they used the same packaging as the former and called it Oppai Aisu or ‘Boob Ice.’

Gomu Yokki Aisu has been available for quite a while now, although the Japanese never really thought of it in that way (bless their minds!) until a Canadian exchange student ruined the perky icy treat for the whole nation by posting a review calling it ‘condom ice cream.’

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Kuwaete Sukkiri Tongue Exerciser Gets Rid of Sagging Cheeks? Yeah, Right!

Kuwaete Sukkiri Tongue Exerciser

Do you exercise your tongue? Before you answer ‘no’, you might want to reconsider if you’ve ever French-kissed with someone. Aside from that, I can only think of a handful of other things that people can do to exercise their tongues, although I doubt they do these things explicitly for that reason.

As you might already know, the tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body. Not that it really needs it–but if you want to, then you can actually exercise it with the Kuwaete Sukkiri Tongue Exerciser.

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Baggy Eyes, Meet Japanese Gadget

By David Ponce

Nothing says aging, excessive drinking, smoking and lack of sleep like bags under your eyes. You can try to rock the look… or do your best to get rid of it. Sure, doing less of the things that give you bags to start with would seem like a good idea, but life’s too short to sleep or not drink. Right? So stick some Japanese gadgets under your eyes for three minutes a day and see what happens. This device, called “Eye Slack Haruka”, has two modes “Hard or Soft”. In the former setting, your eye luggage will be receiving mild electric stimulation while in the latter setting, it’s gentle heat and vibrations.

Although this is Japan-only, importer Japan Trend Shop does carry it, albeit it at a steep $132.

Can we suggest cucumbers instead?

[ Eye Slack Haruka ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]