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Calling Chocoholics Anonymous: Now You Can Drink Chocolate Stout from this Chocolate Glass

Chocolate Beer and Glass

Beer and chocolate make for a surprisingly delicious combination. It might not sound very appealing, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Because once you have, I swear, you’ll be coming back for more. Japanese brewery Sankt Gallen is well aware of this, since they’ve been producing chocolate flavored stout for a while now.

However, they’ve decided to take things a notch further by offering a set that includes a bottle of their best-selling chocolate stout and an edible chocolate glass. Beer and chocolate aficionados are supposed to pour the stout into the glass and enjoy the flavorful drink while taking a few bites of chocolate in between.

Rocket News 24 asserts that the glass could counteract the bitterness of the “ultra-dark beer’ which was brewed “with over twice the ingredients of your average dark beer including roasted ‘chocolate malt.’”

VIA [ Food Beast ]

An Unusual Dessert: Japanese Condom/Boob Ice Cream

Condom Ice Cream

Ever wondered what condom ice cream tastes like? Then wonder no more, because now you can taste it for yourself–if you can get your hands on a Japanese frozen dessert called Gomu Yokki Aisu, that is. (That’s translates to ‘Ice Cream Filled Rubber’ in English, but it’s not being marketed as a condom ice cream in Japan. In my opinion (which many others share, including Youtuber emmymadeinjapan), it looks more like a boob anyway, and ice cream company Kubota agrees, since they used the same packaging as the former and called it Oppai Aisu or ‘Boob Ice.’

Gomu Yokki Aisu has been available for quite a while now, although the Japanese never really thought of it in that way (bless their minds!) until a Canadian exchange student ruined the perky icy treat for the whole nation by posting a review calling it ‘condom ice cream.’

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So It’s Come To This: A Roomba For Cleaning Your Smart Devices’ Screens


Did you ever think you’d see the day we got lazy enough, as a species, to invent a tiny robot whose only task it is to clean the surfaces of our smartphones and tablets? Because, what, wiping is too hard now? Don’t get us wrong, we think the AutoMee S is pretty awesome, but only in a “look at that cute thing moving about on my iPad” sort of way. And we suspect that it’s been created precisely because of its cuteness, especially considering it’s being launched in the Japanese market by Takara Tomy. And we all know Japan likes its kawaii. The AutoMee S measures “67 × 73 × 38mm, weighs 82 grams and is powered by a single AA battery which is good for three hours of cleaning.” It takes 4 minutes to clean an average smartphone and twice as long for a tablet. Like a Roomba, it has edge sensors to prevent it falling off the device, and is programmed to move in random patterns, eventually covering every bit of the surface in its allotted time.

It’s going to hit the market on March 28, in Japan, for 1575 Yen ($ 17) a piece.


[ Product Page ] VIA [ NewLaunches ]

Tabletop Washing Machine Is Perfect For Cramped Apartments


The King Jim company from Japan has just announced the release of a tiny washing machine that can live on your countertop. The Swash, as it’s called, doesn’t fit a whole bunch of clothes, only about 250 grams. But that should be enough to wash a few hand towels, or maybe a couple of socks or a dirty shirt. It’s for those occasions where you don’t have time to run out to the cleaners, and don’t want to make the effort of hand washing in the sink. It’s a 15 minute washing cycle plus a 3 minute rinse, and uses about 5 litres of water each time. Just fill it up with H2O, place the drainage hose in the sink, and you’re good to go.

Of course, the convenience of not having to hand wash your own dirty clothes will cost you a decent amount. In this case, roughly $160. And we’re not even sure if there’s a spin cycle, so good luck drying them in a hurry. Also, good luck getting your hands on one unless you’re in Japan. It’s released there on the 15th of February.


[ Product Page (Translated) ] VIA [ FarEastGizmos ]

Love Her? Then Eat Her: Japanese Cafe Molds Chocolate Into Women’s Faces

Chocolate Face

Does your chocolate have a face? And by face, we’re talking about the face of your significant other and not that of some random cartoon character or superhero. Chances are, it doesn’t, because these molded chocolate balls are only available from Shibuya’s FabCafe. They’re holding an event where female attendees can have their faces scanned so that molds of it can then be printed. The molds are filled with chocolate, and once it hardens, voila: they’ll have a handful of balls with their faces imprinted on each one.

Just in time for Valentine’s!

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Friends For Hire: Now You Can Rent ‘Friends’ in Japan

Rentable Friends

True friends are hard to come by. Rentable ones? Not quite as hard–but that’s only true if you happen to be in Japan. There’s a new rental service in town being offered by Client Partners, and it turns out that friends, even the fake ones, don’t come cheap. For the rest of us who’ve managed to make real friends without having to pay them outright somehow, it’s hard to imagine what it feels like to have to pay some agency just to get people to go out with you.

So to give everyone a look at the other side of the coin, here’s a testimony by one of Client Partners’ satisfied customers:

The article recounts how last summer, one lonely 25 year-old named Kouichi (not his real name) rented two female friends to go to a dance club for ¥30,000 ($341). For a part time worker like Kouichi, that’s a hefty fee. But he ended up having a great time.

“There’s a feeling of security when you are accepted unconditionally,” Kouichi said, adding it was better to pay for friends than getting rejected.

I’d rather be alone than have to pay people to go out and “have fun” with me, but that’s just my two cents.

VIA [ Geekologie ]

The Hobbit-Calator?: Check Out the World’s Shortest Escalator

World's Shortest Escalator

I find that size is often relative to your actual size. For example, if you’re about six feet tall, then the World’s Shortest Escalator, which measures less than three feet tall, would look ridiculously tiny from your perspective. Especially since you’d be twice as tall as the escalator itself in the first place.

In case you were wondering, then no, this escalator isn’t something straight from Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit. Rather, it should come as no surprise that this escalator is found in Japan, where all sorts of unexpected things actually exist. The escalator is found in the basement of More’s Department Store in Kawasaki.

Hit the break for a video of the teeny tiny Hobbit-calator!

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Your Underwear, Now With More Deodorizing

Popular among Japanese businessmen, the Deoest undergarment line features a special fabric that, well, deodorizes you as you wear it. Or rather, it apparently masks whatever smells might be coming off your body so that you may not be “that guy” in the office without actually going to the trouble of, you know, washing. It’s really kind of gross if you think about it that way, but you could also position it as simple precaution for anyone with a tendency to generate body door.

The fabric is coated with ceramic nanoparticules, which is what does the deodorizing, though we’re not clear on the chemistry of it. Still, if it works as advertised, we expect it to do well outside of the Japanese market, even if there are no clear plans for expansion. Prices are in line with that of regular underwear so there’s really no reason not to get this, as long of course as you don’t see this as a reason to start a bad hygiene habit.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Wired Gadget Lab ]

Pepsi Special Blocks Fat While Letting You Chug Down Sweet Calories

Pepsi Special

One of the hardest parts of being on a diet is having to wean yourself off of soda for the time-being. It’s especially hard if you chug a can or two with every meal and feel like your food just doesn’t sit right anymore if you go without it.

Fortunately (at least, for weight-watchers in Japan), there’s a new variant of Pepsi called ‘Pepsi Special’ that promises to block fat, even while you’re chugging down sweet calories with every gulp. Pepsi explains that the Special variant contains dextrin, which is a water-soluble fiber supplement that makes you feel full and absorb less fat from the food that you’re eating, kind of like some of the diet drinks that are currently in the market today.

Pepsi doesn’t offer any information about the amount of sugar in the drink, but it seems like a really roundabout way of trying to lose weight. But hey, if you’re anything like the dieters I mentioned earlier, then maybe this drink’s for you. It will only be available in Japan though, for $2 a pop starting on November 13th.

VIA [ Dvice ]