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Skyfall (Small Spoiler Alert): Crew Turned To 3D Printer For Destroyed DB5

If you watched Skyfall, you probably cringed at the sight of the iconic Aston Martin DB5 being blown to bits by a rain of bullets shot from a helicopter. But you didn’t think it was an actual DB5, did you? The real car is far too valuable to destroy like that, so the team created a 1:3 replica using high quality industrial 3D printers. They called on a company called “Voxeljet who used a massive VX4000 3D printer with 283 cubic feet of space” to create 18 different components, who were then “sent off to Propshop Modelmakers in London to be assembled, finished, lacquered, and chromed to make them look exactly like the original.” As someone who’s watched the scene, we can assure you the effect is spot on.

There’s no word on how much the 3D prints cost, but one of the unused model was recently auctioned off for $100,000. This price of course may be more reflective of the collector’s enthusiast rather than the price demanded by Voxeljet for their product, but it at least assures you that this wasn’t the work of some $500 printer.

VIA [ SlashGear ]

You Too Can Smell Like James Bond… Whatever That Means

You know they’re making another James Bond movie, right? We thought we’d heard rumours that the franchise was dead a while back, but we’re happy to see it’s not. The Skyfall trailer, by the way, looks awesome. Now, we’re fans, but not fan enough to desire something like the above. There are those, however, who will. It’s the official James Bond Fragrance, and it’s of course being launched to coincide with Skyfall’s release in a couple of months. We have no idea what it’s supposed to smell like, but we suspect it’ll have a liberal dose of… You know what? We were going to insert a bunch of 007 related smells, like gun powder and sex and stuff. But we won’t. We won’t.

No word on price, but it’ll be available everywhere “soon.”

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