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NIX Solutions: Solving Business Problems Mobile Apps


The following article is brought to you by Nix Solutions. -Ed.

Trivial business problem solving methods usually do not consider the crucial characteristics of the certain business enterprises: performance bottlenecks, internal and external factors, special management requirements and clearly defined goals.

NIX Solutions company, founded in Kharkiv, Ukraine, provides various software products and services for domestic and foreign businesses, helping them to find appropriate solutions according to the certain requirements and needs of the customers.

NIX Solutions approach to the mobile applications development provides integrating with the customer’s business: the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise determination, the search for common and highly specialized solutions tailored to internal and external relationships of the enterprise, that allows to develop unique and efficient programs and applications.

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Are 49 Ports On A USB Hub Enough?


Like cupholders, you apparently can never have too many ports on a USB hub, although it’s hard to see how you might ever want more than the 49 that Brando is offering. We imagine this monstrosity is aimed at IT departments who might have to charge the entire office’s inventory of phones or tablets or anything else USB-charged. It’s capable of reliably outputting 0.5A-1.5A at each port without overheating or becoming a fire hazard; you will have to purchase your own ATX power supply for it however, and it’s recommended that you get a 60A 5V supply if you hope to output 1.2A to each of the 49 ports simultaneously. And even though it is totally meant for a commercial/industrial use, at $174 it’s not entirely out of range for the home consumer.


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