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The Collar Perfect Travel Iron Is The Frequent Traveller’s Best Friend


You’re running late for a meeting and the only shirts you brought with you on your trip are all wrinkled. Well, if you put a suit on, most of the shirt will not be visible anyway, but what about the collar? That’s of course where the Collar Perfect Travel Iron comes in. All it does it make it super easy to get a crisp collar in a couple of minutes. You can also fold out its ‘wings’ and use it like a traditional iron, though as we mentioned a second ago, that might not even be necessary. It’s $35.


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There’s A Portable Ironing Gadget For Last Second Crease-Making


You’re about to go in for that interview and notice the crease on your pants isn’t razor sharp? Or that snazzy tie of yours could be just a bit flatter? How about the lapel on your suit? God is in the details, and to make sure you put your best wrinkle-free foot forward, the Palm-sized Portable Ironing Gadget was created. It’s battery-powered and USB-charged, and comes with a clip attachment that pinches the pant crease for easier ironing. Anything on your person that folds and can use a little sharpening, this thing can take care of it. It measures 100mmx60mmx18mm (3.9in. X 2.3in. X 0.71in.) and weighs just 60 grams (2.1oz.).

It’s $10.


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