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Mophie’s Pulse Accessory Brings More Detailed Haptic Feedback & Improved Stereo Sound

Mophie Pulse (Image courtesy Mophie)
By Andrew Liszewski

A company called ViviTouch, makers of advanced haptic feedback solutions, have teamed up with Mophie to create an add-on accessory for the iPod Touch, and presumably the iPhone 4, using their technology. Using either device’s vibrating alert doesn’t exactly provide the most realistic haptic feedback when gaming, because it’s a basic on or off scenario. But with the Pulse attached to your device, you’ll be able to feel the difference between a car’s motor, a pinball rolling on a table and even pigs falling to their death. It’s kind of like merging your iOS device with a modern gaming controller in terms of vibration feedback, but it also goes one step further with a set of more powerful stereo speakers boosting and enhancing the sound from your game or application. Currently listed as ‘Coming Soon‘…

[ Mophie Pulse & ViviTouch ] VIA [ Kotaku ]