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iPhone X Notch Removing App Is Now Available On The App Store

While the iPhone X is getting strong reviews, many fans are not happy about the notch, the big obstructing bezel on the top of the display which houses the cameras, sensors and speaker. But for those of you who can’t seem to adjust, there is now an app you can download to make the adjustment easier.

The app is called Notch Remover, and like its name, it removes the unsightly notch. Now, it doesn’t actually remove the notch or the functionality of it, but it hides it under a black bar that you save as wallpapers. I couldn’t find any confirmation, but it seems like this app would only apply to the home screen and lock screen.

Still, if you hate the notch that much, it’s not a bad idea to spend $0.99 on an app to try and mask it. After all, you just spent $999 on the phone itself, what’s another buck?

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I Choose To Believe These People Who Can’t Tell An iPhone X From an iPhone 4 are Actors

Every so often, Jimmy Kimmel does a street segment showing people the hottest new gadget, but it’s really an old or completely different version of that new product. And somehow, he always finds morons who believe they’re looking at the newest iPad, when it’s really an old copy of Highlights Magazine from June 1992, with Hitler mustaches doodled on every person’s face. “Oh wow, it’s so light and different.”

But this time Kimmel’s taken it too far. The iPhone X hype has been everywhere and, yet the segment shows people being tricked into the thinking an old iPhone 4 is the new $999 iPhone X.

It’s so obvious that my only question left is, how did the actors later spend the $25 they were paid?

Man I really am just a buzzkill, aren’t I?

Hit the jump for the video.

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CNET iPhone X Drop Test Reveals You Really Don’t Want To Drop Your Phone

If hearing that the iPhone X’s $279 out of warranty screen replacement, or worse, it $550 back glass replacement (yes, $550!) doesn’t make you shudder at the thought of leaving your phone bare, then you should take a look at CNET who tested dropping the iPhone from different angles.

Basically, don’t leave the Apple store without a case or a warranty. Or do I have to start listing other things you could’ve bought for that money? Well, I’m all out of ideas, so just don’t drop it.

Hit the jump for the CNET’s drop test on the iPhone X, and remember, It’s not your phone being dropped. Continue Reading

Why Tech Wednesday: The iPhone X Will Cost $279 To Replace The Screen. Here Are Some Other Things That You Could Buy With $279

Sure, that new iPhone looks cool. You can show it off to your friends and be the cool kid on the block for the next couple of days. But Apple has released pricing info for those unfortunate enough to drop their shiny new phone and the most shocking is the $279 charge for repairing the screen.

So for those people we figured we’d have a little fun with the numbers and see what else that $279 could’ve bought you.

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The NoPhone Air vs iPhone 8

If you’re starting to get fatigue with all these new smartphones coming out every month, then maybe it’s time to upgrade just one more time, to the NoPhone Air. The NoPhone Air is a revolutionary product that combines the convenience of an iPhone with the flexibility of the air that surrounds us. Let’s see how it stack up against the new iPhone 8.

  • NoPhone Air doesn’t need to be charged. iPhone 8 needs to be charged several times per week.
  • NoPhone Air can never be broken. iPhone 8 can’t even survive a fall off of a skyscraper.
  • iPhone 8 weighs more than 1,000,000 times more than the NoPhone Air.
  • iPhone 8 locks you into a long and pricey contract. NoPhone Air is a no-contract device.
  • iPhone 8 has no 3.5mm headphone jack, but neither does the NoPhone Air. This one’s a draw.

As you can clearly tell, the NoPhone Air is geared to bring serious competition into the smartphone wars, and it’s coming in guns-blazing. Sure, there are some features we’d like to see in the future, like a screen, camera, buttons or body, but for $6 you really shouldn’t expect more than a plastic package with a pocket of air.

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