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Trygger iPhone Case Give You Elegant Polarizing Filter Add-On

By David Ponce

Yet one more entrant to the overcrowded iDevice accessory market, albeit one that stands out for ingenious and elegant design. It’s a case that helps you take pictures with your iPhone by providing you a polarizing filter. Seen below is what such a filter can do. The thing about them is they need to be rotated depending on the angle that the sun’s rays are hitting your subject, so the Trygger features a way to adjust the angle so that you get that shot just right. Also, you might not always want to use a filter since it does diminish the amount of light that goes through somewhat, so the filter only covers your camera when you slide the panel in which it’s embedded and cover the camera with it. And yes, that panel is felt lined so you don’t have to worry about scratches. The rest of the case is made from 1.8mm of high-strength polycarbonate so your phone should be safe. And like so many of the things we talk about these days, this too is on Kickstarter for $35 for a limited time. After the early-bird pre-orders are sold out, you’re looking at just $40.

[ Project Page ]

iPhone 4 Case To Sell For $100,000+

By David Ponce

A few days ago, a company called Brikk announced the release of a line of cases for the iPhone 4 and 4S called “Trim”. Their claim to fame was that they were made of pure titanium milled from a single slab of material and fetched between $2,500 to $4,500. Also the company promised that for every case sold they’d donate one metric ton of rice to a charitable NGO of their choosing. Atonement for this unbridled excess, we imagine. Now, Brikk CEO Cyrus Blacksmith has divulged that they’re working on a case that one-ups all those other ones and is expected to cost north of $100,000. It will be released in January 2012.

Covered in 600 diamonds (weighing a total of 6 carats), Brikk will work with each customer to fine tune “diamond color and sizing specifications, engraving details, and more.” What’s more, since these cases cost just a tad more than the original “Trim” cases, 25 metric tons of rice will be donated instead of the original 1. While they only sell in Roseark stores in LA (where else?), roll-outs in other cities are expected in the future.

The above picture is not the case in question.

[ Brikk Trim iPhone Cases ] VIA [ The Rich Times ]

Speck CandyShell Card Holds Cards So You Can Ditch Your Wallet

By Chris Scott Barr

I’m a simple person, who likes to get the most bang for my buck. This is why when I purchase a gadget, or even an accessory for one, I like to to serve more than one function. For instance, if an iPhone case doesn’t do more than look nice while protecting my phone, I’m likely not going to drop any money on it. However, if it can replace my wallet, I’m sold.

This CandyShell Card case from Speck not only looks stylish, but is going to hold three credit-card sized cards. This means that I can take my debit card, ID, and another card, while leaving my wallet at home. It’s not the first case to hold cards like this, but it does look a bit nicer than the others I’ve seen. For $40, it’s a good way to reduce the number of things in your pockets.

[ Speck ] VIA [ SlashGear ]

OhGizmo! Review – TRTL Minimalist 4

By Caitlyn Muncy

The eco-friendly company TRTL Bot, has given us a snazzy new iPhone 4 case that is made entirely of recycled plastic. This is a follow-up from the 3G/3GS case they’ve made in the past. This version provides an extremely useful credit card holder on the back part of the case. You can only fit about two plastic cards in there, despite me trying my best to play chubby bunny with credit cards.

This recycled plastic makes for a rather hard case, and protects your iPhone in all the right places. A snug fit makes this a great case for moderate protection. You will need a screen protector as it doesn’t come with one, but seeing as you get a mini wallet out of your phone case, is there really much room to complain?

This case comes in either white or black and will only set you back about $35 if you buy it directly from the company.


OhGizmo! Review – AGF Vandelay iPhone 4 Case

By Caitlyn Muncy

Here is a case worth looking at! I’ve seen a lot of cases for the iPhone 4; some are extremely heavy duty, some being flimsy and utterly useless.  The Vandelay Case by AGF is a wonderful middle ground between almost non-existent and big and bulky.

Coming in a micro-patterned red or black microfiber backing, these cases look good and do their job simultaneously. Two layers or polycarbonate protect your phone from harm, and fit onto a swivel holster with a locking feature that can turn it into a mini stand. The holster was also designed to hold the phone either facing in or out, depending on your preference.

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Wrist-Mounted iPhone Case For Motorcycle Riders


By Chris Scott Barr

I’ve never rode on a motorcycle, but I would imagine that using an iPhone on one wouldn’t be the easiest of tasks. In fact, I probably wouldn’t even bother trying. Of course those that are more skilled at riding might want to do so, and for those people there is the iBike Rider Case.

This waterproof wrist-mounted (or handlebar-mounted) case is just about the only way you could hope to use your favorite phone on a bike. You obviously aren’t going to be able to have your hands free enough to operate it, so the hard plastic case isn’t going to allow you to take advantage of the touchscreen. It does have an optional battery pack that will allow you to use functions like GPS without leaving your battery dead when you reach your destination. You can also purchase a separate headset that will allow you to talk on the phone through your helmet. The case itself is going to set you back about $57, or you can get a bundle with the headset and case for $85. If you want the battery back as well, all three items together will run $159.

[ SoEasyGPS ] VIA [ CoolestGadgets ]

Win A Mophie Juice Pack Air!


By Chris Scott Barr

If you’ll recall, back in August I reviewed the Mophie Juice Pack Air. The thing has been a life-saver on a number of occasions. I love my iPhone, but some days that battery just doesn’t cut it. I’m sure that some of you guys can relate, which is why we’re giving away one brand new Mophie Juice Pack Air (an $80 value!).

If you’ve got an iPhone 3G and have ever found yourself running low on battery life when you really needed it, leave us a comment for a chance to win. Get creative, tell us why you need one of these and I’ll pick the winner next Friday. Oh, and if you didn’t like the purple one I reviewed (not my favorite color either), don’t worry as the one up for grabs is black.

Now for the legal mumbo-jumbo. The contest is only open to US residents over 18. Keyboard cats need not apply.

[ Mophie ]

OhGizmo! Review – Mophie Juice Pack Air

Mophie Juice Pack Air

By Chris Scott Barr

iPhones aren’t known for their excellent battery life. In fact, they pretty much need recharged every night just to make it through the next day. If you’re a heavy user, then sometimes you’re lucky to make it through the day at all. This has lead to all sorts of interesting battery packs being created for Apple’s phones. One of these is the Mophie Juice Pack Air, which I’ve been testing out for the last week or so.

The Juice Pack Air is one of the latest battery packs from Mophie, who makes a host of iPhone products. It is essentially a hard case for your iPhone (3G and 3GS), which adds a small amount of bulk to your phone in exchange for roughly double the battery life. So is it worth it? Read on to find out.

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Clarifi iPhone Case Features Built-in Macro Lens


By Luke Anderson

I could probably go on at length describing the things I love about my iPhone. However, you’ve probably heard enough about it over the last year and a half, so I won’t bore you. No doubt you already know that one of the shortcomings of the phone is its camera. Even the later 3G model takes equally poor snapshots. I’ve seen a few different goofy-looking attachments that promise to help in one way or another, but in the end they just don’t seem practical for use. I mean, who wants to carry around a tiny lens for their phone? At least Griffin seems to have the right idea with their Clarifi case.

Instead of offering some sort of clip-on attachment for your phone that won’t work with a protective case, they built a macro lens right into their own case. Sure, you aren’t always going to want to take close-up pictures, so they positioned the lens on a slider which can easily be engaged when needed. When you’re done, just slide it back over. You would probably pay $25 for a standalone lens attachment, however, for this price you’re getting an entire case as well. Not a bad deal at all.

[ ThinkGeek ] VIA [ Coolest-Gadgets ]