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Cordli iPhone Case Keeps Your Headphone Cord Out of the Way


Things can get pretty messy with your earphone cord if you don’t have one of those holders or wire clips to keep them in place while you’re using them. The clips do a decent job of keeping the wires neat, but then there’s the hassle of where to put them when you want to use the entire length of your earphones. I’ve lost my fair share of these clips because they’re often so tiny that you don’t really notice when they slip out of your pocket or purse.

An alternative is the Cordli iPhone case. It has snakelike grooves on the back where you’re supposed to push the wire into. It promises to get rid of the “cord bulge” and allows you to adjust the cord to a length that you’re comfortable with by holding the excess in its grooves.

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Prong PocketPlug Case Lets You Charge Your iPhone, Minus the Wires


The Prong PocketPlug case makes charging your iPhone infinitely more convenient. All you have to do is slide your phone into the case, pull out the prongs, and plug it into an outlet. The case is specially convenient when you’re travelling since there are no more docks, chargers, or wires to deal with.

The disadvantage is that you won’t be able to use your phone comfortably while it’s charging, since it’s attached upright on the socket. If you prefer corded charging, then you can tote along your wire since the case has a micro USB port on the side.Continue Reading

Denture iPhone Case: All Teeth, No Bite

Denture iPhone Case

This isn’t the first time that teeth and dentures took center stage in accessories. We first heard of ConcaveOblivion when they came up with denture-themed fashion accessories, like bangles and combs. They’re back once with more accessories that bite, this time for your phone.

Each case is handmade and features polished dental acrylic veneer. It’s probably not a case for the faint of heart.Continue Reading

iPhone Carbon Monoxide Detector Case: This Case Could Save Your Life

iPhone Carbon Monoxide Detector Case

Carbon monoxide kills. You won’t know you’re being exposed to it though, because the gas is odorless, tasteless, and colorless, unless you have a detector that will alert you to its presence. It could happen at home, at your office, and even in your car, but most people don’t have detectors installed in all of these places.

Taking this into consideration and the fact that most people don’t go anywhere without their smartphones, David Tyers designed the iPhone Case with a built-in carbon monoxide detector.

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Shibaful iPhone Case Wraps Your Phone Around Yoyogi Park


Love the feeling of young grass on your feet? How would you like to experience the same sensation on your hands whenever you reach for your phone? That’s what you can expect when you get the Shibaful case for your iPhone.

It’s a lush case that’s modeled after the grass at the Yoyogi Park in Tokyo. The Shibaful might look like a novelty item, but it’s actually a functional piece of art of sorts. It’s made using electrostatic flocking, where five differently-colored fiber particles are dropped from above. This causes the formation of the distinct grassy texture of the Shibaful.

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Keep On Poppin’: Everlasting Bubble Wrap iPhone Case

Bubble Wrap Case

Here’s a quick tip on what you can do if you’re stressed: pop bubble wrap. It sounds silly, but it actually works for many people, yours truly included. There’s just something therapeutic about popping bubble wrap when so many things are going wrong (ie. crappy day at work, bank account got hacked, there’s no more milk in the fridge…)

It seems wasteful, since bubble wrap is a non-renewable commodity. Or is it?

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These iPhone Cases With (Fake) Swappable Ears Are, Well, All Ears

All Ears

Ever wanted to appear like you aren’t on the phone even when you actually really are? Well, at least at first glance, anyway? Then you’ll probably want to check out these All Ears iPhone cases by Fred and Friends that are literally all ears. This isn’t the first time that someone decided to make a phone case featuring the body part where they’re likely to be used on, but these are probably some of the quirkiest ones I’ve ever seen.

These will also give you more bang for your buck because you’re sort of getting six different cases in one. The All Ears case comes in two versions: the guy version and the girl version. Each comes with a hard-plastic clear case and six different ear inserts that range from tame ears to wild and crazy-looking ones.

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Edible iPhone Case is Silly and Useless, But It Sure Looks Yummy

Edible iPhone Case

I’ve seen my fair share of silly, weird, and kooky iPhone cases. And while the edible Survival Senbei iPhone 5 case doesn’t look too different from other food-themed cases in the market, it’s certainly going to feel and taste different because it’s probably the only case out there that you can actually eat.

This case seems more of a novelty to me, because it doesn’t function very well as an actual case for your iPhone. In fact, the maker of these cases says that there’s a 9% chance that it’ll arrive broken and a 100% chance that it’ll shatter upon impact if you happen to drop your phone.

It’s priced at 3,818 Yen (about $48), which is pretty pricey for a non-case like the Survival Senbei.

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Trygger iPhone Case Give You Elegant Polarizing Filter Add-On

By David Ponce

Yet one more entrant to the overcrowded iDevice accessory market, albeit one that stands out for ingenious and elegant design. It’s a case that helps you take pictures with your iPhone by providing you a polarizing filter. Seen below is what such a filter can do. The thing about them is they need to be rotated depending on the angle that the sun’s rays are hitting your subject, so the Trygger features a way to adjust the angle so that you get that shot just right. Also, you might not always want to use a filter since it does diminish the amount of light that goes through somewhat, so the filter only covers your camera when you slide the panel in which it’s embedded and cover the camera with it. And yes, that panel is felt lined so you don’t have to worry about scratches. The rest of the case is made from 1.8mm of high-strength polycarbonate so your phone should be safe. And like so many of the things we talk about these days, this too is on Kickstarter for $35 for a limited time. After the early-bird pre-orders are sold out, you’re looking at just $40.

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