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ChargeCard is the Thinnest, Handiest USB Cable You’ll Ever Use


Most USB cables for the iPhone are pretty handy enough as they are. But if you’re the type of person who’s always looking for something more (or something better), then your search for the thinnest, handiest, and most compact USB cable ends with the ChargeCard.

It’s basically a USB cable that you can use to charge and sync your iPhone or iPod, without the actual wire itself. It’s as thick as a standard credit card, so it’ll fit right into your wallet, pocket, or wherever easily.

Want it? Make a minimum pledge of $20 on KickStarter and get your very own ChargeCard delivered straight to your home, once it’s manufactured. (And it will be, because the project has already raised over $60,000 more than the intended $50,000 goal.)

Check out more images of the ChargeCard in action after the jump.

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