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Video: New iPad Hit With Heavy Ammunition In Slow Motion

By David Ponce

Geeks tend to like new gadgets. That’s why you’re here. But they also like things that are awesome. Weapons can sometimes be pretty awesome. So it stands to reason that combining the two and filming the union in slow motion makes for some pretty crazy footage. In the above video, you can see Apple’s newest iPad take a few hits from a couple of different projectiles. First, it’s a bunch of 0.223 rounds fired from an HK53 assault rifle. But that’s just the appetizer. Then, it’s a Benelli M4 Super 90 shotgun packing some very special cartridges. They’re full of flechettes (little steel arrows) and bolo rounds (these are two metal balls joined by a wire). The damage this time, is pretty impressive.

And that’s it really. Just some dude shooting an iPad.

VIA [ Geekologie ]

CampFire Case Protects And Supports iPad 2

By David Ponce

What with today being the expected announcement of Apple’s new tablet, it seems the news is teeming with iPad related news. The CampFire case is a pillow/sleeping bag made for the iPad 2. It props the device up at any angle you want, and when you’re done “working”, just reverse the bag and it surrounds and protects your beloved tablet.

It’s not life altering stuff, but it’s $60 if this kind of stuff floats your boat.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]

Pressure Sensitive Stylus For iPad 3 Would Have Steve Jobs’ Disapproval

By David Ponce

It was well known that Steve didn’t like styluses (is it stylii?), so he might not have taken kindly to the offering from Ten One Designs, codenamed Blue Tiger. It’s pressure sensitive and works in conjunction with an application that has some features that people might actually want, you know, in a tablet. For example, it has palm rejection, which means you can take handwritten notes on the iPad with your hand resting directly on the surface without disturbing anything. It connects using Bluetooth 4.0.

Of course, the success of something like this will depend on how many developers decide to code for the stylus. Ten One designs is handing out SDK’s, so hopefully by the time this is released, there will be more than their own application to go along with it. Photoshop maybe? Here’s hoping.

No word on price or availability date.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Engadget ]

NSFW: It was Only A Matter Of Time Until This Came Around

By David Ponce

I’m sure Steve Jobs is rolling around in his grave now that this concept for a very tasteful iPad attachment is floating around on the Interwebs. Proving that you should never underestimate human ingenuity, this clip on piece of plastic holds a Fleshlight. Presumably, you’d have a companion application that would run on the screen and just like that you’d be copulating with… well, people, you’re hopefully old enough to figure out how this would work. Right?

Isn’t the picture above enough?

Anyway, it’s just a concept so there’s no actual such product. Yet.

I’m sad for mankind.

VIA [ Geekologie ]

iConvert Lets The iPad Scanning Frenzy Begin

By David Ponce

I’m being overly enthusiastic here. I mean, lets face it: who still has paper?… Well, ok, maybe a couple of you still do, and I guess that’s why the iConvert exists. I guess my point is that no one is excited about paper; it’s just one of those figments of a distant past we still have to live with. And for as long as this is the case, and people are still buying iPads, there might be a place for this portable scanning machine. Simply dock your tablet, launch the app and scan. The feeder tray accommodates paper between 2 and 8.5 inches so letters down to small photos can be scanned with ease. It’s done at 300dpi and the images are saved in your photo gallery, in JPEG format.

It’s $150 and ships in February.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]

Video: Watch An iPad Freefall From 100,000 Feet

By David Ponce

I guess that G-Form, makers of the super tough Extreme Edge iPad case (among other things), are trying to recreate some of the marketing magic that Blendtec had going with its Will It Blend series. They’ve produced a series of videos putting the iPad through seemingly increasingly horrifying torture tests, from dropping a bowling ball onto it to tossing it out of a moving car. The latest such video has them tie the iPad with case to a weather balloon and letting it rise to the edge of space. 100,000 feet or so. Then the balloon pops and everything comes back down. Of course, since they’re releasing the video, the iPad survives.

I’m not sure this particular video is that compelling a case for the Extreme Edge’s toughness; the entire freefalling setup would hit terminal velocity way before the 100,000 had been exhausted. Also, the trailing shreds of balloon made it so that it landed screen facing up; the other way around would have produced very different results. Still, it’s entertaining to watch. The case itself is $45.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Tedchnabob ]

Pleather Alligator Skin iPad 2 Case For Those With Alternative Tastes

By David Ponce

So you like yourself a little gator, huh? That Smart Cover nonsense for the iPad 2 was just too corporate chic for you, so you need something that speaks to the Crocodile Dundee in ya. Yeah, we got you covered, hermano. This here fake alligator skin cover fastens with an elastic band. Doesn’t sound too fancy until you realize that it wakes the iPad 2 from sleep when opened and does the opposite when closed. There doesn’t seem to be no magnet magic like a Smart Cover, but there ain’t no need for that as you’ll be slipping the tablet inside of this thing, friend. There’s even a peephole for that Apple to shine through.


Keep readin’ for pics and links.

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Crystal Rocked Makes Gold Bumper Cases For The iPad 2

By David Ponce

Continuing the time tested tradition of dipping ordinary objects in gold for the sake of justifying higher prices, Crystal Rocked presents us with these iPad 2 cases. We’re not entirely sure if “dipping in gold” means gold plated, or if we’re talking molten gold manufacturing here. The company’s website is down at the time of writing, but at current gold prices we suspect that a mere $617 for both the white and yellow gold version point to a plating process. Beneath the layer of gold is a sturdy aluminum frame and of course, all buttons are accessible. Oh and there’s a handle.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Born Rich ]

Security Flaw With iPad 2 Uncovered

By David Ponce

There are now two “security flaws” with iDevices. The quotation marks are there because one is real, the other isn’t. First about the one that isn’t real. You can make calendar appointments, email and text through Siri on an iPhone 4S even when it’s locked. This is not a security flaw, it’s a feature. You don’t like that feature, you can turn it off through the settings. The entire point of Siri is to not have to access your phone while it’s locked! Anyway, now onto the real security flaw and this one is on the iPad 2. Uncovered by, the flaw is explained in the video above. If you can’t access it for some reason, here’s how it works.

When on the lock screen press the standby button until you see the red slider for powering off the device. At that point, close the Smart Cover and take it off again. Press cancel… and you’re in! Now you don’t have complete access to the iPad 2, only the last screen before going on standby. If that happens to be the main menu, you can scroll applications but you can’t launch them. The problem is if you were in the middle of an email, or browsing something private, then that will show. This is a big issue.

Of course the word will eventually spread and the gap closed in a software update, but until then here’s a little fix. Go to Settings in the General tab and disable Smart Cover Unlocking. That should do it until a fix is out.

[ 9to5Mac ] VIA [ Techcrunch Gadgets ]