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AppQuiz Turns Your iPad Into a Portable Game Show


The iPad’s size is perfect for multi-player gaming. In fact, there are a lot of games out there that should be played by more than one player, like the quiz game that you can play with the AppQuiz iPad accessory.

It looks like half an octopus (minus the head), but it’s actually four buzzers that players are supposed to whack or press to take their turn. It comes with a free, game show-type app that features thousands of questions and a virtual host named Chuck Boldhart to keep things fun and entertaining. The AppQuiz dock itself is also compatible with the iPhone, but that would mean that all four players would have to squeeze a bit tighter together so they can see what’s being displayed on the screen.

Hit the jump to check out a video of the AppQuiz in action, along with links on where you can get it.

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Instacube Offers a Living Canvas for Your Instagram Photos


If you’ve been clamoring to see your Instagram photos on somewhere other than your computer or smartphone screen, then you’re in luck because the Instacube is here. And it’s going to be here to stay, if you help its developers out.

The Instacube is a digital Instagram photo frame that runs on Android. It displays your favorite shots from your Instagram feed at three times the normal size so you can get up close and personal, and appreciate the photos just as they were meant to. It also makes sharing your photos a snap, too, especially to your friends and family who don’t have Instagram, provided that they’re physically close to you (and the Instacube!) that is.

The Instacube comes with a 600×600 pixel touchscreen display and can be set up in three easy steps. Just plug it in, connect it to your WiFi network, log on to your Instagram account, and you’re good to go. The device itself features a simple-to-navigate menu so you can browse through your stream just as you would on your phone.

Hit the jump to check out a video introducing the Instacube as well as links on where you can get it.

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Golf Sensor Lets You Perfect That Swing

By David Ponce

Golfing, it turns out, is hard. We thought it’d be fun to go to a driving range with buckets of balls; we came back with blister covered hands and our dignity in tatters. We, uh, won’t be quitting our day jobs for this. But those looking to actually get better at the game might want to look into the GolfSense. It’s a featherweight sensor (it weighs 0.6 oz (17 grams)) fitted with 4 highly accurate MEMS sensors. Stick it to the back of your glove and the sensors will accurately calculate club speed, club position, swing tempo, and swing path. This data is then relayed to your iDevice for analysis. And because there’s more to a golf swing than club data, you can also put your iPhone in your pocket to add in hip movement analysis.

With so much data available, we feel that the $129 asking price is fair. Especially when you factor in the price of older systems that used lasers and fancy cameras to accomplish much the same thing.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ CoolMaterial ]

Jailbroken iPads Can Now Multitask Windows-Style

By David Ponce

A lot of good things can be said about the iPad and the post-PC revolution it seems to be ushering. But for those of us who spent their youths on Windows, the linearity of iOS’s multitasking is really frustrating. While it’s possible to look at several windows at once on a machine running Redmond’s code, the fact that you have to double-tab the home button on an iPad and then explicitly pick the next app you want to look at it stupid; the iPad does multitask processing, but not user-interacting. However if you’ve jailbroken your device, you can bring back a bit of logic with an application called Quasar, by Pedro Franceschi. As you can imagine, it gives you windows, which you can resize and drag around like you’re used to on a PC, without giving up any of the perks of iOS. This is particularly useful for those iPhone-only apps which would take up the entire screen when they’d really be much more useful tucked in a corner somewhere instead.

Watch the video below; the app seems to run quite well. It’s not free however: $10 on the Cydia app store. Just search for it.

VIA [ The Verge ]

Logitech Harmony Link

Logitech Harmony Link (Images courtesy Logitech)
By Andrew Liszewski

Just last week, in my review of the Sony Tablet S, I was expressing my love of using a tablet as a universal remote, which is functionality it comes with standard. But that’s not the case with most other tablet and smartphones on the market. If you want to use them as a touchscreen remote, you either need a special case, or an external IR adapter. And Logitech, long known for their most excellent Harmony remotes, has gone that latter route with their new Harmony Link.

The actual hardware doesn’t look that different from similar alternatives already available, but has the advantage of coming from Logitech who’ve had quite a few years to build up their databases of home theater gear and AV equipment. If you’ve ever used a Harmony remote, and have experienced how easy they can be to use and setup, you’ll understand why the Harmony Link is certainly an option you should consider. Available for iOS and even Android devices, the hardware works in conjunction with a free accompanying app that provides similar functionality to the company’s remotes. Except when it comes to the iPad, which takes advantage of the large display to provide interactive program guides and personalized listings.

While some external remote adapters connect to the iPhone over Bluetooth, the Harmony Link connects to the wifi network in your home. So you’ll need to have your tablet or smartphone connected to wifi as well. It is a bit of an extra battery drain, but since all these devices are rechargeable, you won’t have to hunt for a fresh set of AA’s when the batteries die. Available come October for $99.99.

[ Logitech Harmony Link ]

Tascam iXZ Mic & Instrument Interface For iOS Devices

Tascam iXZ (Image courtesy Tascam)
By Andrew Liszewski

What I like best about Tascam’s iOS device-friendly audio adapter is that it works with pretty much any application that lets you record, sample, or monitor a live audio feed. A single, balanced XLR input lets you plug in professional grade mics, audio equipment or instruments, and a set of AA batteries even lets you feed phantom power to a condenser mic as needed. A simple dial lets you adjust the input levels, and a 1/8-inch headphone jack on the back lets you monitor sound coming from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Pricing and availability are still TBA though.

[ Tascam iZX ] VIA [ Fareastgizmos ]

Epson Megaplex MG-850HD Projector Is iDevice Ready

Epson Megaplex MG-850HD Projector (Images courtesy Epson)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s one thing to say your hardware is iOS compatible, but it’s another thing to actually make hooking them up easy to do. So while the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch can technically be used with a lot of projectors as long as you have the right cabling, Epson has made it dead-easy by including a pop-out dock on their new Megaplex MG-850HD model. Using 3LCD technology it projects a 720P image with 2800 lumens of brightness, more than adequate for home or office use. It’s also got a pair of 10-watt speakers, with a mic input if you’re making a presentation to a large room. Plus all the video hookups you’ll need for modern gear and laptops including HDMI.

Projecting content from your iDevice is as easy as sticking it in the MG-850HD’s pop-out dock, where it will also charge while connected. But it’s just as easy for other devices as well. You can of course connect your laptop using a VGA hookup, but USB is supported as well. That is, as long as you’re sticking with slideshows and PowerPoint presentations. You can even skip the laptop and run a slide show off of a USB flash drive, since I’m assuming the projector can natively read and display PP files. All-in-all it looks like a pretty great solution for work or home use, and will be available sometime in September for a reasonable $799.

[ Epson Megaplex MG-850HD Projector ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]

iZON Remote Room Monitor

iZON Remote Room Monitor (Images courtesy Stem Innovation)
By Andrew Liszewski

The idea that everybody recording everybody else makes for a safer, more accountable, world is taken one step further with remote video camera monitoring solutions like Stem Innovation’s new iZON (eyes on – get it?) security monitor. Using a clever rounded magnetic base that can be set on a flat surface or mounted to a wall, the iZON camera connects to your home or office’s wireless network providing you with a constant video feed of wherever you have the lens pointed.

You’ll need to download the accompanying Stem:Connect iOS app to monitor the feed from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, but you can also set it up to capture footage directly to a private YouTube account for perusing later. And besides just providing a window to your home or office while you’re away, the iZON’s software also allows it to serve as a remote tattletale, keeping track of suspicious sounds or movements and alerting you when something has been detected via push notifications. Available “soon” for $129.95.

[ iZON Remote Room Monitor ]

Scosche myTREK Measures Your Pulse Without The Need For A Chest Strap

Scosche myTREK (Images courtesy Scosche)
By Andrew Liszewski

Typically, the only way to get an accurate measurement of your pulse while exercising was to have a monitor strapped to your chest, which was then connected to some kind of display for monitoring your performance. But Scosche’s new myTREK does away with the chest strap, instead moving it to your forearm where it’s more comfortable to wear. It’s also completely wireless, connecting to your iPhone or iPod over Bluetooth (with a range of ~30 feet) feeding information about your pulse and motion to an accompanying free myTREK app.

And it’s that app that will probably make the myTREK system appealing to persons who are very serious about their physical fitness. Besides displaying your pulse, the app also tracks everything from calories burned, distance run, speed and pace (when used with a GPS-equipped iPhone) over time. So you can go back and compare your results and stats to previous workouts to see how you’ve improved. And while exercising, the app even lets you set specific workout goals, like a target heart rate, complete with voice prompts letting you know how close you are to reaching it. Available now for $129.99.

[ Scosche myTREK ]