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ThrowBack iOS App Gives You a Photographic Blast from the Past

Throwback App

People don’t really bother with time capsules anymore nowadays. If you like the idea but can’t make yourself go through all the hassles of putting one together, then you might want to opt for the easier alternative: ThrowBack.

It’s an iOS app that’ll let you take a picture and store it for future viewing. You can choose to have the app send the photo to you or to others after a certain period of time, from one month to five years. The image won’t be stored on your phone, but on the app’s servers somewhere on the interwebs, so it’ll arrive as a neat little surprise on the scheduled date that you’ve chosen.

The ThrowBack app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store for free.

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1 Second Everyday App Puts Together a Video Diary of Every Second of Your Life

One Second Everyday

When things get too busy or overwhelming, I remind myself to breathe and try to take things one moment at a time. Sometimes, your days might feel like they’re filled with things that you’re not prepared or equipped to handle. Other times, things might seem like they’re at a standstill, and you’re left wondering whether you’re making any progress or moving forward with your life.

Regardless, each of these moments will ultimately shape your life and change who you are as you go along–so don’t miss them. And to make sure that you remember a precious second from everyday is Cesar Kuriyama‘s proposed 1 Second Everyday app. It’s a sleek application that lets you record one second every day so you can watch ten years of your life unfold in one hour someday.

Hit the break for a couple of clips that show off Cesar’s app and project.

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Write Your Own ‘Shatoetry’ and ‘Shatisms’ with William Shatner’s New iOS App

Shatner App

How would you like to literally put words into William Shatner’s mouth? Now’s your chance with his all-new app called Shatoetry. So he won’t be saying what you want him to say out loud to your face, but with this app, you can make him say anything. Just don’t make it too obscene or racy.

Known primarily for playing Captain Kirk on Star Trek, William Shatner is well-versed in the many languages of technology. This is, however, his first time at dipping right into it with the release of his app. Re-arrange the words on-screen to form delightful phrases and sweet rhymes that Shatner will read aloud himself, since each word has been pre-recorded. Hit the break to check out a clip where Shatner unveils his app excitedly to a hopefully excited audience!

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