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Greenest Gaming PC Ever Unveiled by Maingear


By Shane McGlaun

I have a couple gaming PCs in my house and none of them can be called green. In fact, my personal gaming PC can double as a heater in the winter and after a few hours use in the summer it makes my office unbearably hot.

Maingear has announced a gaming PC for the eco conscious gamer called the Pulse. According to Maingear, the Pulse is the world’s greenest gaming PC and is the first upgradable NVIDIA Ion PC ever. The machine uses NVIDIA Ion graphics for power savings and can be upgraded with a GeForce 9800 ECO video card.Continue Reading

Acer Debuts First NVIDIA Ion PC


By Shane McGlaun

When I was at CES this year one of the cool things that I saw was the NVIDIA Ion platform demo at the NVIDIA booth. The little machine looked to be the perfect HTPC with a tiny form factor that would fit inside my cramped entertainment center.

I wondered why we didn’t see machines at CES actually using the Ion platform and I was starting to think we might not see any. Acer has now unveiled the first Ion machine called the AspireRevo. Acer says the computer is no larger than your typical hardcover book and is a fully capable computer with advanced graphics and multimedia features.

Continue Reading