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“I Got Work Done Today!”… Said No One Ever


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Jealousy Is Realizing Google Fibre Real-World Speeds Are Around 700Mbps

So you might have heard that Google is trial installing gigabit internet in parts of Kensas City. They’re offering it for $70 a month, and at that price, it becomes an ISP that is orders of magnitude cheaper and faster than anything else in the states. And now that it’s up and running, users have been running some real world speed tests and the results are in. Mike Demarais, founder of Threedee, told Ars Technica that he’s been seeing 700Mpbs on a wired connection and 200Mpbs on WiFi. “We just got it today and I’ve been stuck in front of my laptop for the last few hours,” Mike said. “It’s unbelievable. I’m probably not going to leave the house.” We wouldn’t either. So what did Mike download first? He Torrented Ubuntu… which took him two minutes! “Let me try it again right now.” Yes, Mike… Go ahead and download Ubuntu, just to see how fast your connection is. We… we’re green with envy.

Of course gigabit Internet is not a world first. Several Asian nations have had this for years, but to see it trickle into the typically several-years-behind North American continent, at an affordable price, is a first. And to have it so close we can almost smell it, well, that’s just cruel.

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Meet Feline Baumgartner

We’re sure you’ve heard: Felix Baumgartner jumped from 128,000ft. Little did you know, this little fella was in there with him.

Tears of laughter were had.

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Speed Up Your Internet By Combining Multiple Connections Into One

You’re at an Internet cafe and you’re surrounded by a ton of WiFi networks. You got your phone in your pocket, which has a 4G connection. And there’s an Ethernet cable if you don’t want to use any of the hotspots. Normally, you’d pick one of these and download as fast as that one lets you. But what if you could combine all of them and create one super connection? Connectify’s Dispatch software lets you do exactly that. You can even combine several WiFi connections into one, by purchasing a secondary USB WiFi card (or getting a free one if you pledge more than $100). Whether it’s your 4G/3G tethered cellular device, along with another WiFi connection, with a dial-up to boot, you can easily double or even triple your download speeds. The program features a cost-awareness feature that can set priorities for Internet connections so that more expensive connections like 3G/4G will only be used when cheap or free connections become slow or disconnect.

It’s brilliant, only it’s not quite available. It’s on Kickstarter and needs some more funding. $40 pledges gets you the software, while $65 gets you early access to it. Bump that up to $100 and you’ve got the complimentary USB WiFi card as well as a T-Shirt.

[ Project Page ]

This Is What All The Web-Savvy, Media-Shy Celebrities (This Exists?) Will Be Wearing

We think that Michael Jackson (RIP) should have worn the above ski masks/hood masks. It would have been just as strange as his other media-avoiding getups, but it would have had a kind of geek cred that we could have easily gotten behind. The Pixelhead is made to order by one Martin Backes, and when worn makes you looks like your head was digitally manipulated to be removed from the image. It’s pretty clever, if not really creepy. It’s made from highly non-fade polyester (80%) and elastane (20%) in a multi-week process of printing and sewing. We’re… not sure why it takes that long, but hey, that’s the way it is. Also, the Pixelhead is a limited edition item, with only 333 being made. If you see yourself having the balls to venture outside looking like this, it’ll cost you a pretty $192.

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NETGEAR WiFi Booster Lets You Roam Your Mansion Freely

By David Ponce

Dropping out of range of your WiFi router can be pretty annoying, especially when you’re in the middle of streaming a really good episode of Breaking Bad on your iPad while comfortably lazing in your yard. If you’ve got a 3G device, it might then just switch to cellular data and keep going, but you’ll be eating away at your very limited (and expensive) bandwidth. Better just splurge $40 on a Netgear WiFi booster. It takes your current 2.4Ghz 802.11 b/g/n signals and amplifies them so they reach out further. There’s no specific details on just how much further, but at $40, any little bit can go a long way.

It should be available later this summer.

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Google Maps And Street View Get Panoramic Map Of Antartic Hotspots

By David Ponce

Of course that’s a metaphorical hotspot we’re talking about. In the glacial, barren land that caps our south pole not many people venture. But the Google Maps team ditched their famous cars and traded them for tripods and fisheye lenses, and went back to the south pole to get more pictures than they already had. This time they added a bunch of famous places, from the inside as well as the outside. Now we say they went, as if they ventured out on their own, when in fact

they teamed up with the Polar Geospatial Center at the University of Minnesota and the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust, [and] 360-imagery of many important spots, inside and out, such as the South Pole Telescope, Shackleton’s hut, Scott’s hut, Cape Royds Adélie Penguin Rookery and the Ceremonial South Pole.

Hit the source below for a bunch of links pointing directly to the new places on Google Maps.

[ Google Maps Blog ]

Insert Internet, Receive Smells

By David Ponce

While not quite as elaborate as the SMELLIT device we wrote about earlier this month , this little box promises to add a little bit of smell to your Intertubes browsing experience. It’s called “Olly” and is basically a smelly chime. You set it up so that it releases a puff of fragrance at a predetermined event, whether it’s “tweets, a like on Instagram, or just your train running late.” The nature of the scent is up to you, and can be anything from a citrus essence, some gin or your partner’s perfume. Simply insert the fragrance into a removable plastic tray.

Olly is not on the market just yet as the company is looking for ways to make it at scale. But you can sign up to be notified when it’s ready.

[ Olly Product Page ] VIA [ Engadget ]

Chattanooga Gets Fastest Internet In The US

By Chris Scott Barr

How fast is your internet? Mine is (theoretically) 20Mbps down, which isn’t too bad around here. Sure, there are other parts of the world where such speeds are on the slow end of things, but here in the US there still people that have to run on dial-up. So lets say you’re wanting to move to a city where you can boast about having the fastest internet in the country. Where do you move? Chattanooga, Tennessee.

It seems that the mayor of Chattanooga, along with the city’s power company, decided to upgrade the network infrastructure to handle the faster speeds while they were already upgrading the power grid. Supposedly coming at a “minimal cost” to the city, they were able to wire 100,000 homes with full 1Gbps up and down speeds.

Don’t start packing your bags just yet though, the speed comes at a price. While the company isn’t sure just how much they should charge for the service, they are talking in the ballpark of $350 a month. So unless you have a really good reason for needing that much bandwidth (and actually have a way to utilize it), I’d just stick with one of the other available broadband solutions out there.

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