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Lookee TV Streams Internet Radio And TV

Lookee TV Desktop (Image courtesy Best-Supplier)
By Andrew Liszewski

There are countless boxes capable of streaming radio broadcasts from the internet, instead of just over-the-air, giving you access to content from all over the world. But the Lookee TV one-ups them all by adding the ability to stream video content from the internet as well. All-in-all it gives you access to over 1,400 ‘TV’ channels and over 3,000 radio stations, including podcasts.

Now enjoying that wealth of content on a 4.3-inch 480×272 pixel display is not exactly a home theater caliber experience, so the Lookee includes a standard definition video-out connection for hooking it up to a larger display. But the device seems to be targeted as a more advanced alternative to your standard alarm clock, so perhaps it’s best enjoyed bedside as an alternative to the witty banter of your local radio morning hosts. Users have the ability to search for stations by region, language, genre or custom keywords, and favorites lists can be compiled for preferred content. It of course also doubles as a desktop media player/digital photo frame with audio and video content like AVI, FLV, MKV and WMV files played from an SD card.

Even with all that functionality I’m still a little confused as to where the best place something like this could be enjoyed. On your desk at work? In the kitchen? On a bedside table? And at $199.99 it seems a little expensive for something I’m not entirely sure what to do with.

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Calculate Estimated Cab Fares With Bing Maps

By Chris Scott Barr

There’s nothing quite like going to a city where you’re going to need a cab. Sure, if you’ve lived in one of these areas and dealt with the cab fares, you probably know what you’re getting yourself into. However, if such things are a rarity, you can get surprised by your fare, and spend more money than you had originally planned. If you want to be a smart traveler, Bing can actually help you out with this.

A new feature recently added to Bing Maps is the ability to roughly calculate taxi fares. All you need to do is search for directions as usual, then use the Taxi Fare Calculator tool. It takes into account the initial charge, mileage and even projected wait times. I rarely have a desire to use anything besides Google Maps, but this feature certainly makes Bing Maps look rather appealing.

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Livio Debuts The NPR Radio

Livio NPR

By Chris Scott Barr

Last month I showed you guys the Livio Radio, and gave you an in-depth review of the device. If you’re into listening to music all day long, then it really is one of the coolest radios out there. However, what if music isn’t really your thing? If you like talk radio, then Livio has something just for you.

I’ve never listened to NPR, but if that’s your thing then you might want to check out the NPR Radio by Livio. This device is very similar to is Pandora-playing brother, however you’ll be tuning into more than 1,000 NPR station streams. You’ll also have access to over 800 podcasts and audio archives of NPR programs. If you do feel like a little music, then you can tune into one of the 16,000 various internet radio stations through Reciva. You’re not going to find more talk radio without a PC or some sort of HD radio. You can pick the NPR Radio now for $199.

[ Livio ]

VTech IS9181 Music Hub Now Available


By Shane McGlaun

VTech is a company that is more closely associated with cordless phones and kids toys than streaming Internet radio devices. Any parent probably has a few of the company’s toys in their home; you would know them by the incessant noise they all seem to make.

VTech has announced that its new IS9181 wireless music hub is now available for purchase. The device connects to 802.11b/g wireless networks and offers access to thousands of streaming Internet radio stations. The device has a pair of front firing 3W speakers and a single 10W sub.

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Pure Evoke Wireless Internet Radio Gives Terrestrial Radio A Kick In The Crotch

By Jonathan Kimak

It looks like internet radio is branching out to reach people who want to listen to the music without being near a computer. Electronics company PURE has announced that they will be releasing the Pure Evoke Flow radio in the UK next month.

The radio will connect wirelessly to the newly created website Pure Lounge. From there the radio can tune into a variety of internet radio stations. In addition the Evoke Flow can also tune into traditional FM stations and DAB(Digital Audio Broadcasts) where available. Favorites from the Pure Lounge can be simultaneously saved on your computer and the radio.

Price is set at £150 ($277).

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