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How To Decide if you Need Smartphone Insurance


Featured post by Todd Green. -Ed.

Whenever you sign up for a new cellphone plan, there is one moment that is always the same — the moment where you are asked if you want insurance. There are many different opinions on what you should say in that moment; some people swear by cell insurance, while others decry it as a scam. Below, you’ll find some shopping strategies to help you decide if insurance is right for you — and where you should get it.

Look at the Costs
At the heart of it, deciding on phone insurance is about a simple equation: How much does the insurance cost versus how much the phone would cost to replace. Newer phones, of course, are going to have a higher replacement cost, and getting insurance for your latest pricey gadget is probably a good idea. On the other hand, the cheap pay-as-you-go model you pick up at Walmart may not be worth the monthly premium. Instead of thinking of phone insurance as a monthly expense, you can think of it as putting aside a bit of money for a new phone with every payment.

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Cellhelmet iPhone Case Comes With Insurance

By David Ponce

If you buy this case and some accident damages your iPhone 4/4S while being protected with the case, the company will try to fix it. If it doesn’t manage, it’ll send you a new phone. We’re not sure what’s to stop someone from buying this once their phone has broken and claiming it happened after. The only precaution taken seems to be a requirement to register the Cellhelmet within 30 days of purchase, but we’re not sure just what that’s supposed to stop. At $40 a pop, it’s a lot cheaper than buying a new phone. And even if there is some way to prevent fraud that we’re not seeing, the idea is pretty neat nonetheless. It’s not everyone who has carrier issue insurance, so for one year of peace of mind, $40 is not a lot of cash.

The Cellhelmet is a Kickstarter project that has already been funded. The cases look alright, but lets face it, the real product here is the insurance.

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Add This Gadget To Your Car To Gamble With Your Car Insurance

By Jonathan Kimak

Progressive Insurance has a gadget that can monitor your driving habits. It can tell how many times you slam on the brakes suddenly and how fast you accelerate along with other signs of a good or bad driver.

If you drive safely then you could save as much as 60% on your insurance premiums. The downside is that if you drive poorly your insurance rate can actually go up by 9%. Everyone who signs up will get an immediate 10% reduction on their premiums before Progressive learns the truth. The monitoring system is already being tested in Alabama, Oregon and Minnesota and will make it to the rest of the U.S. during 2009.

[ Detroit News ] VIA [ Kicking Tires ]