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Awesome Infographic On The History Of Mobile Phones

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 6.28.27 PM

Any of you old enough to remember the days before mobile phones? It was a dreadful time, when you had to pick up these barbell-shaped plastic receivers with no screens and stand by the wall talking into them, like some lunatic. Looking into our super high definition phablets, these days, it’s easy to imagine things were always this way, but if you’re a day over 15 you know it isn’t true. Mobile phones have gone a very long way since they hit the market, and the folks at have done an amazing job in putting together a genuinely engaging infographic on the history of the mobile phone. From the humble Motorola DynaTAC in 1983, through the awesomeness of the StarTAC, to the high tech glory of the LG G5, all the stars are there. We strongly recommend giving it a look.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 6.28.38 PM

[ Check out the infographic ]

Geeks Vs. Hipsters

By David Ponce

Below is a highly informative graphic. Some might call it an infographic, as it were.

We fall squarely in the “Geek” column. We suspect none of you will fess up to being a Hipster, what with that being Hipster Rule #1.

Still, fun to read. Click it for a larger version.

VIA [ GeeksAreSexy ]

The Origins Of Programming: An Infographic

By David Ponce

When you’re about to post an infographic that does all the writing for you, what’s the point in saying more than, well… “here’s a neat infographic on the Origins Of Programming”? Click through for the full graph.

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