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Ampy Turns a 30 Minute Jog Session Into 3 Hours Of Battery Life


Harnessing kinetic energy in order to power consumer electronics isn’t a novel idea. Some of you may remember the nPower PEG from 2009’s CES, a gadget that promised to recharge your electronics from power gathered through your walking. Well, Ampy is pretty much the same thing, only in a smaller and more refined package. It packs an internal 1,000 mAh battery which is itself charged by a “proprietary linear inductor” that turns kinetic energy into electricity. Other devices use a magnet that slides back and forth along a coil, generating electricity in the process, though the proprietary nature of Ampy’s mechanism doesn’t allow us to confirm it’s the same thing. Regardless of how it works, its creators affirm that a 30 minute jogging session (or 1 hour cycling, or 10,000 walking steps) will top up its battery, which you can then use to fill a typical smartphone back up to about 75% charge. For any outdoorsy types, this could be interesting, especially at it’s early-adopter price of $75, on their Kickstarter.


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[CES 2011] Wireless Inductive Charging – Not Just For Glowing Cereal Boxes Any More

eCouple Induction Charged Tesla (Images property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

As cool as it looked (and trust me, it looked a LOT cooler in person than in the photos we posted) Fulton Innovation’s concept glowing packaging for cereal boxes and other products is probably not going to see the light of day for a while. I have no doubt the concept would boost sales, but I can’t see stores replacing or upgrading their shelving with induction chargers anytime soon. However, thanks to the recent boon of electric cars, the country is slowly being populated with electric charging stations. And Fulton Innovation felt they should remind everyone that their convenient wireless charging solutions are not just limited to cereal boxes or gadgets.

As a proof of concept, at their booth this year they had a Tesla which is actually charged via the company’s induction charging technology. The vehicle is simply parked over a charging pad which is highlighted with a glowing blue ring around it, and thanks to a retro-fitted adapter on the underside of the Tesla, it will start charging once they’re in the general range of each other. And since you can’t see under your car, they’re powerful enough that you don’t necessarily have to be parked directly on top of it for the charging to start. At the moment there are no electric vehicles on the market that are able to charge via a system like this, but reps from Fulton Innovation did mention they were definitely in talks with several manufacturers.

Dell Introduces First Laptop With Inductive Charging


By Chris Scott Barr

Wireless charging is not a new concept, as we’ve already seen it in at least one mainstream product, the Palm Pre. With the optional accessory, you could set your Pre down on the dock and it would charge. No wires, no connectors, just power. Well it seems that Dell took quite a liking to the technology, as they have decided to implement it into one of their upcoming laptops.

The Dell Latitude Z is set to be the first notebook with a wireless charging solution. If you purchase the special $299 dock, your laptop will be able to charge simply by setting it on the dock. It’s probably safe to assume that other Dell notebooks will be able to take advantage of this dock sometime in the future. Of course it’s also probably safe to assume that they will carry a hefty price tag, just as the Latitude Z does.

If you want the wireless charging ability, the Latitude Z is going to start off at $2,159 (includes the dock). This is also going to get you a 16-inch screen, Core 2 Duo SU9400, 2GB of DDR3 and a 64GB SSD. The laptop is available for purchase now, though the dock will not ship for a a few weeks.

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