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Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes: A Virtual Reality Game


So it looks like the time is ripe for virtual reality once again. The Oculus Rift started this latest wave of interest, but it’s now been picked up from several other companies, like Samsung. That’s all well and good, but once you acquire a VR headset… what do you do with it? Well, you could eventually play this cool game called “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes”, by Steel Crate Games, a small Ottawa-based team of indie developers. How does it work?

One player puts on a virtual reality headset and finds themselves trapped in a (virtual) room with a randomly generated (virtual) time bomb. On the bomb are a variety of puzzles that need to be solved – but this player has no idea how to solve them. Instead, they must rely on their friends in the real world who have the manual describing how to solve all sorts of puzzles. The catch is that each side doesn’t know what the other sees. Now it’s up to everybody to communicate what they see clearly and quickly – did we mention there’s a bomb? It gets loud, it gets tense, but keep talking and maybe, just maybe, nobody explodes.

You might think the game would get old quick, but the developers insist that the random nature of each new puzzle, as well as the dense manual packed with reams of information would give the game enormous replay value. We’d like to believe them but we’re not sure when we’ll get a chance, nor for how much. It’s being developed for the Oculus Rift and the Samsung Gear VR. Still, it’s an interesting concept and we’ll circle back in a few months to see where things stand.

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OUYA: The Gaming Revolution Will Be Televised

By David Ponce

This could be big. The above gaming console currently raising funds on Kickstarter is off to something special, raising a record setting $1 million in less than 12 hours and still climbing. As of this writing, 20,000+ backers have pledged over $2,500,000 to make it a reality… and there’s still 28 days left. What’s all the fuss about? This project kicks ass, is what! Designed by none other than Yves Behar (of One Laptop Per Child fame), the Ouya is a $99 Android-based, big muscle, open source gaming console with a fantastic looking controller. It promises to bring a breath of fresh air to console gaming, and we… believe they just might pull it off. With internals consisting of a Tegra 3 CPU, 8GB of storage, 802.11n WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, a USB 2.0 port and an SD card slot, the device will certainly have the muscle to handle anything developers throw at it. And given the excitement the project is generating, there clearly seems to be a demand for something like it. See, there’s a lull in the life cycle of the more established consoles; no one knows when the next Playstation or Xbox will be released… but if all goes well, the Ouya will ship in March of next year. The project is open to independent developers with the SDK being freely distributed, and every game will have a free-to-play aspect. It’s part of the ethos of the project.

And while no launch titles have yet been announced, there’s a good chance Sony and Microsoft will get their asses handed to them. While the Ouya is not meant to go head-to-head with the Big Three, it has the potential to get more than small indie developers on board; with the kind of demand that is being demonstrated right now, there just might be some big name devs perking their ears up.

Quantities are unfortunately limited, so hurry up and place your order now if you’re interested. Hit the jump to see a video about the Ouya and links.

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