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OhGizmo Review: iGo Netbook Charger


By Colin Ackerman

We’ve been fans of iGo’s power accessories for a while; with a system of interchangeable tips to charge as many gadgets as you own (almost) from any source iGo supports, you have to carry around far less self-tangling cableage keep all of your stuff juiced up and happy. iGo’s latest offering is a Netbook Charger, designed specifically for, uh, netbooks. It’s just like the power brick that came with your netbook, with few key exceptions: it can power any netbook you have a tip for, it includes a powered USB port, and it’s pretty. Read all about it, after the jump.Continue Reading

[CES 2009] iGo Green Technology Surge Protector Saves You “Vampire Power”


By David Ponce

iGo is known for their line of multi-device chargers. They use an array of interchangeable tips to allow you to charge pretty much anything under the sun. But they do other things as well, and one product that caught my eye is the iGo Green Technology Surge Protector. It’s basically a glorified powerbar with a halfway decent design that won’t look terrible next to your entertainment center. But more importantly, what it does is stop your devices from sucking power when they’re on standby. It features 8 sockets: 4 regular ones, and 4 with the iGo Green Tech. So, lets say you plug your plasma into one of the 4 green ones, when you turn it off, it wont keep on drawing power. In the long run, this can save you a bunch of money, and well, like pretty much everything at CES this year, is Green.

It’s going to cost $69 and be available this summer.

[ iGo’s Website ]