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Uniti Stand Tidies Up Your Desk, Ups Its Functionality


Between your keyboard, your iMac, your iPhone and your tablet, you’re likely to end up with a desk cluttered with electronic devices. The Uniti Stand hopes to bring them all together in one elegant all-in-one stand with integrated dock and charging system for your mobile and tablet devices. It looks just right, and provides you with “dual front-facing USB 3.0 ports and a 3.5 mm audio jack extender to integrate your multi-media accessories.” There’s space underneath to tuck your keyboard away when you’re done, and the charging docks work with mobile devices of all sorts, not just iDevices. The stand can be sold alone, or paired with one or two cradles for your devices. As a pre-order on Kickstarter at the moment, it’s $199 for the whole set.

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Credit Card Sized iDevice Charger Is Convenient


Who goes out with their iPhone charger? No one, that’s who. And who’s always crying, wishing they had? Yeah, that’s what we thought. But we bet that if you’d had the ChargeCard, which is the same dimensions as a credit card (only a little thicker, of course), you might have saved yourself a few hours of hand wringing after your phone died following a marathon session of Candy Crush. It’s $25 and works with pretty much every iDevice and Android machine.


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iXoost iPhone Dock For Gearheads


If you’ve got a thing for cars, and have the cash to display your affections ostentatiously, you could do worse than getting an iXoost. It’s a set of handmade-in-Italy speaker docks with 140W subwoofers that are made to look like engine manifolds. They come in V8, V10 and V12 configurations, and cost anywhere between $6548 and $8906. The pictures and the specification pages suggest that the iXoost works only with iDevices outfitted with the 30-pin connector, so while you can afford a sounds system that costs as much as a used car, the company seems to expect you to still use a device that’s a generation behind. Go figure. But hey, they sure are pretty.


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[ Create designs of various objects using a general-purpose 3D printer. ]

iPhone Periscope For Sneaky Pictures


This is a gadget that allows you to take pictures with your iDevice while you appear to just be looking down at it. It’s so that people don’t notice you’re taking a shot. If used properly, we think it’s a great product. But if you’re being a creep… well, we imagine you’re going to find ways of being a creep with or without some gadgets. See, we’re not exactly sure when it’s ok to be taking pictures of someone without their knowledge; people have become so sensitive to cameras these days. Not to mention, we’re unsure of the legal framework, although people do go around taking pictures all the time without getting sued… So what’s the proper etiquette? Maybe if you do decide to go around taking candid shots, at least ask your subjects afterwards if they’re ok with you keeping the pics? Right?

We’re really not sure which way to go with this stuff, and maybe some of our readers can enlighten us. Regardless of all that, the Periscope Lens is $23 and works with a wide variety of devices by using a sticky metal O-ring and a magnet on the detachable periscope itself.


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Bold Poker Brings Smartphone New To Gambling Old

There are very few things quite as satisfying as a poker night with the buddies. You get yourself a couple drinks, play some music, and hope to go home with a bit more money than you started with. It’s been a tradition for quite some time, and it’s always been one that required roughly the same gear: chips, a deck of cards and a dealer button. The application Bold Poker hopes to replace most of the physical gear with a virtual set, involving a central iPad (or any iDevice, but an iPad would work best) and an iPhone in each player’s hands. The application deals the cards automatically when the dealer button is moved, and they appear on the player’s phone. Depending on the angle you hold your phone, the cards appear either upright for normal viewing, or reversed for discreet mirror use. Chips, however, are still required.

The advantages are many, including not having to wait to reshuffle the pack every time, not having to deal with inexperienced friends who aren’t really sure what to do next, etc. Plus it’s fun. It only handles Texas Holdem’ at the moment, and it’ll cost you $2.

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The iRock Is An iPad Dock With Rocking Chair Built Around It

This is a rocking chair. We think people who like rocking chairs will dig it. Unlike a regular such piece of furniture though, this one has a few tricks up its sleeve. For one, it has an extendable boom which features an iDevice dock. Clearly an iPad would be more adapted to the intended use here, but an iPhone of iPod will work too. Once connected, you can playback amplified sound through both of the 25W speakers located on either side of the backrest. And better yet, a connected generator will make electricity with every rocking motion, recharging up to 35% of an iPad’s battery in one hour.

Of course a fancy pants rocking chair that doubles as a recharging iDevice doesn’t come cheap: you’ll pay $1,300 for the privilege of owning it.

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